Monday, August 9, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Comes The Dark (Book Review)

Six weeks have passed since the virus ravaged the world's population and in that time most of humanity has passed into shadow, turning into corrupt, rotting flesh eaters that known only pain and hunger as they attempt to destroy the remaining members of the human race. Jeff has lost everything, including much of his desire to continue surviving in this hell on earth. The idea of lashing out at the monsters who took his life away is the only remaining pleasure left, so Jeff decides to leave his house and destroy as many of the creatures as he can before he is annihilated by them. It doesn't take long for Jeff to discover that he is not alone. Other survivors like Megan, George, and Jason that he finds along his path of self-destruction force him to rethink his plan. They aren't willing to give up just yet-they not only want to survive, they want to live. So as the darkness threatens to consume him, Jeff has to decide if he is willing to keep fighting for himself and the others, or let the bitterness wrapped around his soul destroy him

This book is full of fast paced action, emotion, and creativity all wrapped up into one exciting package. The first chapter leaves you knowing how much this guy has lost, the second chapter breaks your heart, and the rest of the book never lets you go. The voice of the story is so well done, you feel as if your in the story and the descriptions of the events from Jeff finding the neighbor standing over his wife to the zombies breaking through the boarded up windows is detailed enough that you can really picture the scene in your head. It's filled with good zombie bashing action like all good zombie novels should be, but it also pulls at your heart strings and really makes you root for Jeff to pull through all his struggles, and there are a lot of them. It has a very good pace and never gets boring. Aside from the story, I must mention that I love the cover and back art. It really helps sell the book and makes you want to dive in! The ending is a bit of a cut off, but this book is going to be the first in a trilogy and I cannot wait to read the next one. I would absolutely recommend this book not only to zombie fans, but to everyone who just wants a great book to read! Pick up your copy HERE

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