Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Widow (Screener Review)

Vivian Potts is haunted by disturbing dreams of her recently deceased husband, Alex. When her sister admits to having similar dreams, Vivian is convinced Alex is trying to communicate with them. Is she losing her mind or is the truth even more terrifying than she could ever imagine?
This movie is a great low budget thriller from Big Biting Pig Productions. The story is well thought out, though a few of the lines, like at the funeral toward the beginning, made no sense in context; it could have been simpler. The acting is relatively well done for a low budget affair, and the camera work isn't too shabby itself. The thing that makes this film stand out to me is the ending twist. Though I can't give it away, I will say I didn't see it coming, and thats the kind of end you want in a film! Overall , it's well done and very enjoyable to watch, so check this one out!

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