Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rhonny Reaper's Top 10 Films of The Decade

As 2009 comes to a close, so does the decade. And what better way it there for it to end than to look back at the best in horror films? Some of you might not agree, but these are my favorite films from the past 10 years. These are the films that either scared me, delighted me, or just made me smile. This is my list for the Top 10 films of the Decade.

#10 Dead Silence (2007)
A widower returns to his hometown to search for answers to his wife's murder, which may be linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist.
I know most people hated this movie, but I have an obsession with scary dolls and really liked this movie. I liked the feel of it and Donny Wahlberg made me laugh :) The only thing I didn't like was how the editing at the end was almost exactly like Saw (the same people made this movie). But my love for Billy the puppet puts this film on my list.

#9 Shaun of the Dead (2004)
A man decides to turn his moribund life around by winning back his ex-girlfriend, reconciling his relationship with his mother, and dealing with an entire community that has returned from the dead to eat the living.
This film is one of the best horror spoofs ever. It's laugh out loud funny and makes you wanna watch it over and over again. Plus every time I watch it, zombified Ed playing TimeSplitters 2 makes me smile for some reason.

#8 Zombieland (2009)
Four survivors of a zombie apocalypse take an extended road trip in an attempt to find a sanctuary free from zombies, following a set of "rules" designed to keep them alive where others have failed, all the while trying to "enjoy the little things" and killing zombies in a variety of creative ways.
If you read my top 5 films of 2009, you'll know all the reasons I love this movie. Woody Harrelson is amazing, Abigail Breslin cracked me up, and Billy Murray is fucking Bill Murray! What more do you want!

#7 Planet Terror (2007)
After an experimental bio-weapon is released, turning thousands into zombie-like creatures, it's up to a rag-tag group of survivors to stop the infected and those behind its release.
I wasn't a big fan of Death Proof, but I adored Planet Terror. I even have a little action figure of Quentin in the movie! Rose Mcgowan was sexy with her machine gun leg, Freddy Rodriguez was hot as hell, and Zombies killed Fergie! I can die happy now.

#6 Sweeney Todd (2007)
The infamous story of Benjamin Barker, a.k.a Sweeney Todd, who sets up a barber shop down in London which is the basis for a sinister partnership with his fellow tenant, Mrs. Lovett.
Anything with Johnny Depp, musical numbers,and blood has got to be a masterpiece, and this is. I was a fan of the original movie and was stoked to hear that Tim Burton was doing a film version. The only thing I didn't like was that my favorite song from the original play, The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, was not in this film. Other than that, it was amazing.

#5 The Devil's Rejects (2005)
In Ruggsville, Texas, the police under the command of Sheriff John Quincy Wydell attack the house of the sadistic serial killers Firefly family.
Holy shit on a brick I loved this movie! Violence, gore, fucked up redneck family (like mine), super scary clown dream sex scene that gave me nightmares for a week...ok maybe they coulda left that out, but this is definitely Rob Zombies best work to date. If you haven't checked it out yet, you must!

#4 Dreamcatcher (2003)
Friends on a camping trip discover that the town they're vacationing in, is being plagued in an unusual fashion by parasitic aliens from outer space.
This film creeped me out the first time I saw it. It put me on and emotional roller coaster from start to finish, while making me terrified to ever sit on a toilet again thanks to the dude from My Name is Earl! The book this was based of of was a masterpiece an this Stephen King adaption does it justice.

#3 1408 (2007)
A man who specializes in debunking paranormal occurrences checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. Soon after settling in, he confronts genuine terror.
John Cusack is one of the most talented actors of our generation. He pretty much carried this movie on his back. The rage of emotions he goes through during this film is remarkable. This movie doesn't rely on gore to frighten you, but is a genuine mind fuck (plus, you get to hear Samuel L. Jackson say fuck again).

#2 The Mist (2007)
A freak storm unleashes a species of blood-thirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole-up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.
Yet again, another Stephen King adaption makes the list. Theres pretty much one thing I said to myself once I saw the ending to this movie...OMFG WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!!! Yeah, if you haven't seen this yet, go see it now. You'll know what I mean.

#1 Saw (2004)
With a dead body laying between them, two men wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who's been nicknamed "Jigsaw" by the police because of his unusual calling card.
This is the movie that got me back into the horror genre so I have no choice but to give it the coveted #1 spot! Although many people don't like where the franchise has gone, the original film is brilliant. It keeps you guessing till the very end, has visuals that will stay with you days after you watch it, and with my obsession with scary dolls, Billy is the icing on the cake. I love this film.

And with that, I wanna thank everyone who's ever helped this blog out, everyone who reads this blog daily, and everyone who has ever took the time to just stop by and check it out. Happy New Year! Let's make it a good one!


DM said...

Great list! Planet Terror is/was/forever will be freakin' awesome. But I will have to take issue with The Devil's Rejects--I've got a bit of a, uh, problem with Rob Zombie.

Unknown said...

Let me tell you something. I love Dead Silence too. I think you're the only one I know that likes it besides me.

Rhonny Reaper said...

lol I like rob except for the Halloweens...

and YAY! I thought I was the only one who liked Dead Silence :)

I Like Horror Movies said...

I'll gladly leave many of those titles for you Rhonny, but Shaun of the Dead and DR certainly topped my list! Lets see what the next decade brings =D

Chris said...

Good list! I posted a 2009 picks list and keep faltering under the daunting task of making a picks of the decade.

Your poll lacks Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, et. al from the Leisure Books publishing crew. Laymon is/was a beast of a horror writer! But, even if they were on there, I would still go with Stephen King.

NMRaymond said...

Definitely an interesting list and I totally mean that in a good way!

I enjoyed Dead Silence too, and Planet Terror was amazing to me.

Sweeney Todd is a major fave for me, but I was also sad that the Ballad of Sweeney Todd was cut. It is my favorite song from the production, I saw it in Chicago on my birthday last year.

Rhonny Reaper said...

Next year should be amazing!

I didn't want the poll to be too long cause it could have gone on forever (I read A LOT!) lol

I got the original broadway production on Sweeney on DVD from a long time ago. I LOVE it!

Chris said...

Very true!

Eviltwin said...

love the list! though i am sad not to see 28 days didnt make the cut.. i mean, dreamcatcher was good but i dont think it did what the book did and it started falling apart at the end... king is alot like lovecraft, you just cant capture what he does on paper on film...

Anonymous said...

great list! personally i think that dead Silence was a great movie. like wise, the end was lame, they could have done a better job. sweeny, was not my type of movies since I am not such a huge fae of any usical movies! DR was great! I could never get tired of watching it. I saw the mist on everyone's list! it really was one of the best movies, I still wonder why it only was 2 or 3 on the lists but never 1! same with saw, it was listed within the top 10, but never number 1, but i figured since you are in love with dolls as you mentioned! couple more things! I cant believe that you put 1408 on your list! it was a boring movie! i think it was one of the worst movies this year!!!that was a good list, however it lacks some great movies such as, REC, hills have eyes, let the right one in, and the most horrifing movie of all time, Twilight, if you have not figured that out by now! it has earned being # 1 on my list just because the plot was horrific, the acting was horrific, the places were horrific! the only thing that was not horrible about it, was that cute shiny vampire!
P.S Vampires are supposed to kill, not protect their victims!!!!!