Monday, December 7, 2009

Dollar Bin Book - "Dead & Buried?" by Jim Somerville

The remnats of a battle in space lands on Earth and re-animates the dead. It is not long before the living dead overrun the unsuspecting populace. Now, a ragtag band of survivors are striking back and taking back their planet.
This graphic novel is just that, graphic! Blood, check. Gore, yup got. Rapping Zombie, chec...wait what? Well hell it got that too! The book has three stories about the Zombie take over, 2 short ones ad the main story. All of which are great. The artwork is detailed and definitely NOT for the little ones (unless you wanna corrupt and scar your kids for life, then by all means let em read!) I LOVE a good Zombie story. And believe me, this ones good. Oh and did I mention one of the zombies can rap!?!

Proof of Rapping Zombie (I've got this at a yard sale over a year ago and STILL can't get over this!)

Sending Deadly Kisses,
Rhonny Reaper

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