Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rhonny Reaper's Review of "My Mini Chucky Dolls Presents: Burnt Chucky"!

If you haven't heard of My Mini Chucky Dolls yet...listen up! My Mini Chucky Dolls are 100% hand-made mini replicas of everyone's favorite killer doll, Chucky (duh)! Italian artist Ilario Vitasevic doesn't leave any detail out of these little bundles of terror...even the shoes have the bottom details like in the movie! Below is a short video review I did today and an interview with the artist himself. I hope you all take a minute to go to his Facebook (Click here) and take a look at just how special these little masterpieces are!

Q: How did you get started making miniatures?
A: I have always been keen on making handmade things… Since I was young, everytime I saw a funny cartoon or a movie character, I tried to replicate it to make my very own action figure, so it’s kind of a natural skill!
Q: Why Chucky dolls?
A: Where do I start? When I was 3 my mom introduced me to the Child’s Play saga. She’s a BIG fan of horror movies and she passed me this passion till the very beginning of my growth. A few years later I totally forgot about Chucky when in 2003, I happened to watch on TV the movie “Bride of Chucky”, which reminded me about all those “hidden” memories of my childhood. That’s the year my first Mini Chucky Doll came to life: a stitched (and horrible) Chucky from CP4, totally made out of air-dry clay, with very bad paper clothes colored with pencils and embarrassing hair made of cotton. But I was 10 years old so it’s kinda “acceptable”. During the years I never tried to make miniatures again. Everything changed when I first heard about “Curse of Chucky”. I was so excited for that upcoming movie that I started to search for as much info as possible about that, which led me to search for some Chucky items to buy on the internet, but I couldn’t find something I really liked (and the only pieces nearly good are so damn pricey!). That’s why I started making Chucky miniatures, so that everyone can have a good piece of art without paying big money!
Q:Can you take us through the process of making a doll?
A: Sure! Well… everything starts with a draft paper of the project I’m going to realize. I use it to set the proportions and to have a general idea on how to start. I then split the project in several days, each one corresponds to a specific phase: There’s the “Making Phase” where I just create every single piece of the body, or the “Clothes Phase” where I make the sweaters, the overalls etc. Once every piece is baked, I can proceed with the most difficult (and funny) part of the process: the head. It takes me at least 4 hours to make every head as detailed as possible, and I use a lot of different techniques for every detail (like the melting plastic from the eye, the burnt hair, etc.) so I have to wait for the first paint job to dry before starting with the next one. After the head is completed, I start working on the body, ripping it and burning it (with acrylic colors and real fire). When everything is ready, I can finally assembly all the pieces, making sure the miniature doll stands by hiself. The final phase is all about the Good Guys Box, which I compose by folding it accurately and putting a layer of transparent paper for the window.
Q: What kind of materials do you use?
A: I use different kinds of materials. For the body (torso- arms and legs) I use air-dry clay. For the other pieces like hands- shoes- eyes- head and knives I use polymer clay (Fimo or Cernit). To make the clothes I use common tissues (customized by me), while for the hair I use a synthetic wig.
Q: What other dolls are you planning?
A: Right now I’m working on my second miniature, the “Good Guys Chucky” doll from the original Child’s Play. It was supposed to be ready in early March, but I had some problems in finding the materials and there’s been a delay. It’s gonna come out in early April! As for my future plans there’s not much to say… Well, maybe just a couple of things! Even if I didn’t plan to make a Tiffany miniature doll yet, I already bought some leather and various tissues for the wedding dress! I still don’t have a date, but I’ll definitely work on it in the future! One news I’m excited to tell you is about a Limited Edition “Child’s Play 2” Chucky inspired by its design at the end of Child’s Play 2, when he’s melted to the platform truck before being poured with the hot plastic. In this limited series of miniatures (there’s gonna be only 4 of them) Chucky is presented with a “knife-hand” wrapped with tape (like in the movie) and his body is melted to the platform truck with real moving wheels! There’s no date for this one too, but it’s gonna come sooner than you think!
Q: How can people find out more and where should they go to order?
A: For more information please visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/mychuckydolls If you’re interested in buying one of my miniatures, please send me a PM always on the Facebook page. Thank you for the interview!

A HUGE thank you to Ilario Vitasevic for the interview and for making one of my favorite new pieces in my doll collection! Now after watching the video, I said I'd post some pics for comparison below just so you can see how detailed this doll actually is. I cannot wait for the new dolls he has coming out soon and I hope you all take a look at his page for even better photos and updates!

For being an approx. 3 inch doll,  I think this is one of my favorites!!!

Rhonny Reaper XOXO

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