Monday, March 10, 2014

DBH Review:The Walking Dead "Still"

By Eric Polk-
Whenever I write a review for a TWD episode, it means it's either brilliant or hideous which has been the story of this series. Give credit where credit is due, however. When it hits, it goes 500 ft into the water. When it misses, you feel as if you've lost an hour of your life you could have devoted to cleaning the lint tray in the dryer. I know I'm late writing this review since it covers Still, please accept my apology, Reapling nation.

Still is an episode that should have been interspersed with scenes from the other members of the cast. Of course, we know everyone just loves badass Daryl and his crossbow. Yet, I find his pairing with practically straight laced Beth to be odd. In Still, we forsake plot movement(a great carrot dangles in front of us but the puppeteer does squat) for character development which isn't not a bad thing, it's why I'm one of the ten people in this world who actually loved season 2. However, there's a difference between development and dullness. The latter shows itself in droves this time. A secondary character that few actually care about mixing war stories with arguably the most popular character of the series. Sure, we learn things about Daryl like he never having a pony(perhaps the most unintentionally funny moments in horror) and what he did before the apocalypse. When you consider how hardly a thing happened in the episode, anxious as to what the hullabaloo is surrounding the cause of the plague, this episode is a pure waste. Irritating because we know it can be better. Hell, it has been better! This episode was up against the Oscars, could have shocked audiences with another nugget to satiate us, and we get moonshine drinking, Caddyshack-zinging, and the fact Daryl never had a pony. Therefore, because of this incompetence, I induct The Walking Dead episode Still as the second member of The Crazy Fat Ethel II Hall of Shame:Class of 2014.


Steve Finnell said...
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Party Slashers said...

I'm glad I'm not missing much with the new episodes. After season 2 I started to realize that a whole lot of nothing was happening in many episodes, and I began to refer to the show as "The Talking Dead", and I felt like I should be cleaning the dryer lint tray instead, or watching paint dry. But I soldiered on hoping for some pivot points.

When the Governor made his assault in Season 4 I was reminded on what was great about the show, and I continued to watch, but then was duped again with the very next episode. I knew I had to cut ties.