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Mezco's Fantastic Horror Collectibles at The 2014 Toy Fair!

While parents and kids try to spot what will be the next big toy for Christmas, horror fans can rejoice at the awesome collection of new dolls, collectibles, and toys that the The 111th New York International Toy Fair has to offer. I put together a few images of some of my favorite toys on display that horror fans will adore! These are all from my favorite company for top of the line collectibles, Mezco Toys.

The first on the list is Series 27 from the worlds longest running line of collectible horror dolls (and my favorite obsession), Living Dead Dolls. The theme for this series is "Myths and Legends from Around the World" and the dolls names are, from left to right, Mephistopheles, Banshee, Milu, Spring Heeled Jack, and Hopping Vampire. According to a few fan posts in the LDD group on Facebook, Milu's face is still being finalized so she is seen with her mask on here (don't know if that's 100% true or not, but it makes sense). You can pre-order the whole set right now at!

The next offering, also from Living Dead Dolls, is The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I love the sculpt of his hand and feet and think his body suit clothing is adorable! When I heard they were doing him I wondered how and if they'd do a "naked" doll, but I think the idea of the suit is ingenious. No date has been given yet on his release except for Fall of 2014.

Another Living Dead Dolls offering will be the Headless Horseman. It seems like two versions of the doll will be released, the regular one on the left and an exclusive edition that from what I've read not only comes with a badass plus horse as pictured, but will have a glow in the dark head (hence the slight color variation in the two)! They haven't said much about how many exclusive editions will be released or where to get them yet, but both versions are expected out sometime in the Summer of 2014

To celebrate their 16th anniversary this year, Living Dead Dolls will also be releasing a special edition of one of their first dolls, Posey. The all white look is beautifully haunting and I'm REALLY hoping she glows in the dark (she looks like she does, it would make her even more ghostly!) Being one of their classic beauties, I'm positive she will be one of the biggest hits this year for hardcore LDD fans. She is due out sometime this year and is one on my wishlist for sure!

Mezco will also be releasing some really cool 9 inch figurines of three of our favorite classic horror monsters; Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Creature from the black lagoon. I didn't see a release date on the black card in front of them or in a google search, but I think they are creatively stylized and think they'd look pretty swell in my collection!

And now to they toy I've seen probably the most people talking about online, The Psycho Mother Roto Plush doll! Now I've seen a lot of psycho collectibles. I even have the LDD set (not surprisingly). But I've NEVER seen a doll or collectible of his Mother!!! She's astounding and if you google other images, she's actually quite wonderfully detailed! This is a MUST HAVE for horror fans and is set to be released sometime in 2014 (you know as soon as I find out, you will too!!!)

 And now to my all time favorite subject to talk (more like gush) about, CHUCKY! And he's hitting it BIG at the toy fair this year! The 15 inch mega scale Chucky to your right in the above photo states 2014, but I already have I'm assuming this meaning a second run of him will be released this year (which means more people will get a chance to see how amazing this doll really is. I'm telling you from experience he is FANTASTIC!). In the middle is the stylized roto figure that will be out in August and is already available for pre-order on (I must wait for my next pay but I shall be pre-ordering). And to the Left is...well an image of what could be my newest favorite doll! Mezco is working on another mega scale doll but without the scars...and he will talk!!! The doll is still pending approval, but how can you not want this! He looks pretty similar to the Sideshow dolls from a few years ago, but you can't find that one of under $300 so here's to the hope of owning a great non-scarred Chucky for less than half that!!!

And for even more Mezco/Chucky fun, look for the awesome Chucky pillow/plush box to the right! Now available for pre-order on and set to be released in May, this will be the perfect match for the Chucky blanket I got for Christmas!!! And to the left is the talking plushies of Chucky and his bride Tiffany! These are set to come out sometime in the summer and will feature the actual actors voices. Not sure what quotes they'll say, but how cute are they!!!

And of course, Living Dead Dolls has their own stupendous take on Chucky. Last year, they released a solo Chucky doll. This year, his wife joins the party! For anyone who missed out on getting Chucky last year, Mezco has released a Chucky/Bride set seen on the right. They have already sold out on the Mezco site, but they are now available in stores like F.Y.E. and some Spencers and all over Ebay. I got my set just 2 days ago in the mail (pre-ordered) and they are GLORIOUS in person!!! She is the show stopper of the set for sure in her pure white wedding gown...but wait...why is that Tiff alone on the left and covered in blood? Because there's an EXCLUSIVE VERSION!!! Look below... I think I've saved the BEST for last! If you already have the Chucky and just want Tiff, or if you're like me and need ALL the Chucky stuff you can get your grabby little hands on, this is the holy grail! This is the special edition of Tiffany. Looks the same, but she comes alone and is bloody as all hell! Now here's the catch...there hasn't been ANY info released yet as to if and/or when she will be released in the US...BUT I have found a site that already has her IN STOCK and is selling her for a pretty damn good price in Australia (and they ship to the US!!!). The site is and I already ordered mine on Valentines Day (just waiting for her to get here...the waiting is AGONY!). I know she's an exclusive, but I have no idea if she's an Australian exclusive (like Walpurgis was a German exclusive) or just for that site or if she will be released in info has been released yet. All I know is I found her and got her as soon as I could before she was gone and the prices for her went crazy on ebay! And yes, popcultcha really does have her in stock as a few of my friends overseas have already gotten her in hand! So if they release her in the states, I'll will let you all know, and if not...mine is coming!

So there you have it, my favorite selections from this years Toy Fair. There are so many wonderful things for horror fans to look forward to this year, so start saving your pennies up!

By Rhonny Reaper
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