Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DBH Review-Texas Chainsaw 3D(2013)

By Eric Polk-
Let's face it, like many of its popular horror brethren, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has been bastardized, its meat ripped to shreds for the purpose of commercial satisfaction. Since the classic original was released in 1974, we have seen sequels, prequels, next generations, reboots, and now this movie that apparently is a direct continuation of said first film. Scorecard, please! To be honest, I had no expectations with this entry in the series. I was looking for another celluloid gem to join the ranks of last year's Carrie remake to induct in the Hall of Shame...but that's why I watch the movie!

Kicking off with a 'previously on...' montage, Texas Chainsaw picks up right where the original ends and the burning down of the house of the family Sawyer and the kidnapping of an infant girl. Flash forward to present day. The infant is now a fully grown young woman who lives in a world where the aging process has slowed considerably. She is notified that her grandmother has passed away(must have been over 100) and left everything to her; discovering that she was adopted. Pissed off royally, she decides to take a road trip to pick up the keys to the house grandmama left for her in her will. Unbeknownst to her and her merry band of ageless wonders, someone is living in the house and this person isn't friendly. This unfriendly person later decides to practice use of  power tools in an unsafe environment upon her and her friends, leading to some gore and unexpected humor courtesy of  a chase through a carnival...We told you have to be THIS TALL to ride the rides!

Initially, I thought I'd hate this movie just on the unnecessary release alone. Yet, I enjoyed this! It reminds me of Slaughter High in the sense that some of this is nonsense(the aging thing) but you don't groan, you laugh at this. The gore, though CGI, is rather intense. It's also nice to they paid little homages to the original since Tobe Hopper served as an executive producer for this go-around. Overall, entertaining, perhaps should have been the proper sequel?

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Jeremy [Retro] said...

Okay, I liked it too.. watch the film up to the first time they get to the gate... then skip until she climbs over the fence to the carnival... it's not that bad and kind of liked that feeling of family.