Monday, September 30, 2013

Dollar Bin Horror Giveaway - HALLOWEEN MYSTERY BOX!!!

This giveaway was inspired by, who is selling a limited number of Living Dead Dolls mystery boxes for $20 tonight at midnight (unfortunately I have to eat and save up for Cinema Wasteland this weekend and can't friggin afford $20 dammit!!!). I figured if I can't get a box, why not give a box!!! So what will be in the box? The hell if I know!...seriously, I'm not even sure yet. This prize will be coming out of my pocket next pay (which is perfect timing) and I will guarantee at LEAST one horror dvd (and not out of the dollar bin!) and 3 Halloween themed goodies (Costume pieces? Scary bugs? Who knows!!!) and maybe more! All you have to do to win the box is leave a comment to this post with your name and email address and share your favorite Halloween memory! One winner will be randomly selected from my magical witch hat of names on October 14th and announced here on the site! PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR EMAIL!!! I will not hunt your info down, to claim the prize I NEED THE EMAIL! I'm hoping to do at least one more giveaway this month so keep checking back for more Halloween goodies and ENTER!!!!!!


Fallen said...

Kim my favorite halloween memory was when my fiancé and friends of us went to zombie prom here in Phx and got to see one of our favorite bands! It was a blast

Jonny Dead said...

This is awesome, great idea!

My favorite Halloween memory is recent when my wife and I were a zombie couple, and for whatever reason we decided to climb trees to weird people out. Then a night of handing out candy while watching the Halloween movies.

Amy Orvin said...

My favorite Halloween memory was when my mom made a nun costume for me. I went trick or treating and everybody requested prayer.
Amy Orvin

Kweeny Todd said...

I'd have to say my fav recent Halloween memory was when I spent my first Halloween with my husband after 2 years of being apart due to borders. It was also my first Halloween in America.

Since it was a big deal that we now lived together, we did a two couple costumes. One was the Bride of Frankenstein and the Monster, the other was two variations of the Death card. We won Best couples costume at a Halloween ball that year. :)

R. Oliver said...

I have so many great Halloween memories! But one year it was especially cool! Because me and my brother was being video taped by a guy who really liked our Halloween lawn display props and our costumes. I was dressed as a really scary-looking vampire and My brother was a decomposing Pirate. We put on a whole skit. Too bad I never asked for a copy of it. It would have been cool to have for memory sake.

Ronald Oliver

oliverspendulum (at) yahoo (dot) com

Meeph said...

My favorite memory was when I went trick-or-treating in my friend's neighborhood with my friends. My friend lived in the same neighborhood as Muhammad Ali, so we went to his house. Of course he didn't answer his door. But he did have candy on the front porch. So that was pretty cool.

Megan West

Tiffany W said...

Tiffany Wadsworth,

The BEST Halloween was when a few friends and I went to my boyfriend's parent's scare house. They owned a farm and every Halloween they turned it into a Horror Farm. I was going to meet my boyfriend there, but he ended up scaring the crap out of me by dressing up as a bloodied mass murderer and chasing me around some of the crops. My gosh... He scared the HELL out of me.

SonOfCelluloid said...

Nathan Hamilton

My favorite Halloween memory would be way too hard to narrow down, but one of my favorites happened last Saturday. It was the kickoff weekend to Halloween season, and I went to Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, which is a killer haunted attraction in Atlanta. When I got there I realized that my friend Mark had come from the horror convention in town and brought Linnea Quigley and Lynn Lowry with him. Linnea was in line with us, and she ended up in my group. Yes, I kicked off Halloween season 2013 by running from zombies alongside Trash.

Chriss said...


My favorite Halloween memory is the entire weekend last year. Halloween was on a school day when I had no classes, but I dressed up and went anyway. I sat in the back of my friend's psych class dressed as Slenderman making Happy Birthday Satan cards with crayons and eating candy. We did the candy collecting thing twice that weekend, and I legitimately scared a child nearly to tears until I walked straight into a parked car. Slenderman has been retired to daytime-only celebrations forever, but it was worth every bruise.

Amber Terry said...

My favorite Halloween memory: all of the Halloweens when I was a kid combine into one giant awesome Halloween memory--nothing special happened, it was just an exciting time for me when I was a kid. I miss trick or treating...even though my costumes usually sucked :)

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

-Amber T.-

MW said...

Favorite Halloween memory was the time I decided I was too old to go trick-or-treating, but then got asked by a friend if I wanted to go. I hurried to make a last minute costume, and my mom suggested I go as a hobo. I mostly just looked like I'd fallen in a mud puddle, but it was better than going as myself.

One of the houses I went to was an older woman that was very nice. She asked my friend what he was supposed to be, and he told her. Then she turned to me, and without thinking, I said Joe... ... Joe Mama. I regretted it right away, because she didn't think it was very funny, and I felt like a jerk because she gave me candy and then I insulted her. Then I had the irrational idea that her mom had died, and that she probably cried when I left her doorstop.

So it was funny for about half a second, and then pure guilt. But it's still a great memory just because of the circumstances :)
Matthew Watts

Anonymous said...

Chris D

My Favorite memeory is every Haloween. I can see my children dress up and be happy

Ann Odum said...

My favorite Halloween memory is -- when me and my step-brother were teenagers we had convinced my Mom to go to a haunted house, while we were in the blacked out maze. My step brother stepped on a cushioned spot on the floor. He dropped to his knees and when my Mom stepped on the spot, he grabbed her ankles. She pissed her pants - literally. We laughed so hard. And I also got in trouble.

Ann Odum

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shane watson said...

My preferred Hallow's eve storage was when my mom made a nun outfit for me. I went ringing doorbells for candy and everybody asked for prayer.