Friday, August 23, 2013

On the Next Episode of DBHR...

If you love off-the-cuff, devil-may-care radio formats then you'll love this week's show. Join Eric and Rhonda as they discuss the return of Monster Cereals, a review of You're Next, and whatever else comes to their twisted little minds.

Plus, join Eric at 9pm EST as he tapes an interview with author DA Roberts of The Ragnarok Rising zombie series. D.A. Roberts was born in the small town of Lebanon, Missouri. Growing up on the farm gave him plenty of opportunities to cultivate a fertile imagination. Encouraged by his mother, he dreamed of one day becoming a famous writer. An avid reader, D.A. enjoys reading more than watching television.

A diverse career path has helped him create a unique view of the world. He’s worn the hats of a soldier, a factory worker, a bouncer, a lab technician, a Security Officer and most recently a Corrections Officer. He draws on all of these experiences to bring his writing to life on a very human level.

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