Friday, June 28, 2013

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:World War Z(Part 2 of a two-part review)...The Eric Edition

By Eric Polk-
Sup Reaps! Eric here. As advertised, here is my take of World War Z and my sister-in-horror, the progenitor of this lovely blog, is right:she liked it a helluva a lot more than I did.

I haven't read the Max Brooks' novel version so I can't include any comparisons in this review but what I can tell you is the biggest problem I had with this film is how after Brad Pitt becomes separated from his family, the movie goes down the slippery slope of boredom. Not saying there wasn't any action, there was in spades(especially the parts when he's in Jerusalem) but the more he gets involved in the search for Patient Zero, the more this film loses my attention. There's no good b-story to balance out Brad's quest. You figure in a movie that uses WORLD WAR in the title, there would be one or two more subplots connected with the main story. However, there isn't and we arre are left with Bad Brad searching for his elusive human grail.

Those who've kept their eyes to the grindstone regarding this big budget turkey know that the ending was heavily rewritten and revised and boy did they fix an unbroken sink. Sappy and predictable this one is. If they'd had stuck with what they originally had in mind, we could have found up with a film that is truly worthy of taking its place alongside of the original Dawn of the Dead and Zombie(1979) as a legendary zombie film. Instead, we wind up with yet another mediocre entry to the horror genre that after the first half-hour becomes very sleep-inducing.

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