Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The 2013 Oldschool Sinema Spring Cleveland Zombie Walk Recap (finally!)

This being my 7th zombie walk, you'd think it would be the same thing over again, right? Well nothing could be further from the truth! This year, I did something completely new to get a different perspective of the walk...I didn't go as a zombie! I decided to see what being a survivor with The Z.E.R.O.S. (Zombie Eradication & Rescue Operations Squad)...and I gotta say, it's even better to kill than be killed! 

The Z.E.R.O.S. are a group of zombie killers from the Cleveland area who all help to keep the zombie apocalypse in check at all of the OSS walks in Ohio. Headed by miss Bruiseher Sweetbottoms (seen above in the blonde wig) and Ryan Cunningham (seen in the center of the top photo), they not only help keep all of Ohio safe from the undead...but they also help keep the undead safe from on-coming cars and stuff while walking. They always stay in character while keeping the zombie group together during the course of the walk and are a group of some of the coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Ryan even offered me a place in the group (meaning for future walks, I will stay in my survivor character) and after seeing how amazing it is to be a survivor, how could I say no?!?! Ryan in also currently working on a novel using the "characters" of The Z.E.R.O.S. (he is creating a bio for each member and I got a small glimpse of his plans for mine...he is so badass in character that it's almost shocking to see how wonderfully nice and courteous he is to talk to). You can find out more about The Z.E.R.O.S. by liking their Facebook Page HERE. There were other survivor groups there as well, including Umbrella Corp and their kickass car (pictured at the bottom of this post) You can like their Ohio/Michigan branch on FB HERE.

But even the best of us have close calls...Ginger Rose is a FANTASTIC makeup artist who likes to top herself every walk...this time was no exception as her clown almost had me...


It's also a sad day when you have to put down Jesus...but you gotta do what you gotta do to protect the living!

Jason Nagy from Zombiesandtoys.com (we all LOVE that blog!!!) was also on hand selling awesome zombie toys (of course) Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic with his this time, but had to mention the kick ass little zombie robot I got!!! It's called a Hexbug and it's the cutest little thing ever! It's a simple little "robot" that moves by vibration...but it's just so damn cute!!! You can get one (and all other kinds of zombie goodies) HERE!

But let's not overlook what the OSS walks are for...charity! The walk was $5 and two cans of food, all of which go to Harvest For Hunger.With around 600 zombies (and survivors) in attendance, over 2,000 pounds of food was raised to help the needy in our local area!!! Joe (above) from Oldschool Sinema (like their FB HERE) is the man behind all of this and I cannot say enough great things about him and what he does. Not only does OSS make GREAT horror films, but he has a great heart and we are all grateful to be able to be a small part of something bigger!

And I also wanted to briefly share a little local treasure I found at the walk. This is a local punk/horror singer/band known as The Creeper and his Pals. Got their CD (well, two actually). I really liked the old style punk mixed with the horror themed lyrics to a lot of the songs on the albums and thought it was worth a share. I'll do a more in depth post soon about em, but in the mean time check out their FB HERE!

Here's a few more selected pics from the walk! The next one will be in September and if you're in Cleveland/Lakewood then, come out for the fun!!!

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