Monday, April 8, 2013

Help em out folks! Revenge of the Spacemen needs your funding!

Indie horror is something to cherish...Local indie horror is even better! Revenge of the Spacemen is "a sequel and tribute to the 1950's drive-in classic alien invasion B-movie" (from their facebook). I was lucky enough to talk to Jay Summers, the producer and director, about the film at Cinema Wasteland yesterday (which I cannot wait to tell you all about this week!!!) and I was excited to learn it will all be shot right here in Northeast Ohio! I even got to see the masks that will be used in the film (hand made by Jay).

What the film needs is your help! They've just started an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds they need and you can help by donating what you can and spreading the word. I really think this is a cool project and I really wanna see it succeed so head on over to, give what you can and share the link with your friends! Local horror is something I love and I really hope you can take the time to give Revenge of the Spacemen some love :) Also, like em on facebook at

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David said...

As most, I am on a budget also and truly wish i could support this more. I simply love Indie Horror. Sounds like a great project and hopefully there will be more posted. - good luck guy. and HAVE FUN!