Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DBH Review:Hannibal-Episode 2 "Amuse-Bouche"

By Eric Polk-
When watching a new t.v. show, the second episode of the series always worries me in terms of quality. You start off with a whiz, bang, and pow followed by what? In alot of cases, the creative well is emptier than Michael Myer's childhood mind. Having said this, this week's episode of Hannibal certainly did not have the second show blues.

In Amuse-Bouche, Will Graham helps to find a murderer who uses his victims as fertilizer to grow mushrooms..Yes, fungi. Yes, it is scientifically plausible. Yes, it is wicked sick! Meanwhile, during the investigation we are introduced to tabloid journalist Freddie Lounds(thinking a much more attractive version of Jack McGhee from the old Incredible Hulk series)snooping around the crime scene followed by a nosy scan of Dr. Lecter's office in order to write a piece of Will Graham for her crime blog.

Thanks to this, the killer stays one step ahead of the FBI. While this is taking place, Graham and Lecter take on a mutual responsibility for Abigail Hobbs(the survivor for the first episode).

Mushrooms! What a creative way to off people. Kudos to the writers for coming up with this little nugget of ingenuity. Closest I've seen to this kind of scene was in Motel Hell, though it is played more for laughs. Overall, a fantastic episode in which we see more Will and less Hannibal, making this show a darker version of a CSI  show. We see more of the overall storyline unfold as it appears Graham is opening up to Dr. Lecter. Plus, a lot questions such as what is going to be the fate of Ms. Lounds(I say it's going to be a bleak one), how far does Will descend into his own private hell, and what kind of loin was Dr. Lecter serving Jack Crawford? It's gonna to be interesting!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Episode 2 was far superior to the first one. I'm enjoying the show quite a bit, and like the way that Graham is being portrayed (almost autistic at times, which is interesting, as Hugh Dancy had previously portrayed a man with Asperger Syndrome in the solid little indie ADAM), but it's still going to take me a little time to get use to the new Hannibal Lecter. Anthony Hopkins's face is just implanted in my DNA as the character. But I'm sure I'll warm up to him eventually.