Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight (and Giveaway) - Akumu Ink: Nightmare Inspired T-shirts

A few days ago, I received an email directing me to check out Akumu ink, an online clothing company started in 2008 by Joey (the artist) and Aldora (the business mind) in a two bedroom apartment in Montreal. The company's name happens to be Japanese word for 'Nightmare' (a nice tough if I may say so) and many of the designs, all by Joey, are influenced by Japanese culture (as well as other influences such as Tim Burton). I absolutely adore the artwork and thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

The two minds who created this art bring to life their love for it with every shirt they put out. I find it amazing how one man can come up with so many unique and interesting concepts and take many influences from all over the horror world and make them his own. Joey, the artist of all of the beautiful shirts, took the time to sit down and answer a few questions about the company for DBH.

Where do you get the inspiration for the designs?

When we started the company in 2008 I was originally inspired mainly by horror movies and everything coming out of Japan from its pop icons to its toys and fashion. As we’ve grown I feel Akumu Ink has created it’s own unique world in which some characters return in different versions of themselves and inspire new characters. 

Obviously ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Tim Burton’s movies are big influences but we take inspiration from all kinds of obscure places and mix them up to create our own original imagery.

I always keep a sketchbook with me around the office because you never know when an idea that doesn’t seem so interesting at the time can transform into something great when blended with another concept months later.

How long does it take to get from concept to a finished t-shirt?

We release a new collection every six months, so this means that the six months prior to going into print, we’re working on the entire collection at once. Some designs can take a day to complete and some are done within the first month, but others take the whole six months as I rework them until I’m completely satisfied. We always have one last minute idea that we come up with a week before production starts, I’ll bang that out within a day to make it in time. Ironically, those are usually our best sellers.

How did you start drawing?

I've been drawing my entire life. I was always the kid in the class sitting off to the side of the room drawing all over my binders and school supplies. I’ve always drawn creepy little characters but never knew where I would find a job when I grew up doing that. In the end, we created our own jobs by starting Akumu Ink.

Where can we learn more?

To buy our t-shirts or art please go directly to our website:

To add us on Facebook and to see all our updates:
And to see photos of us working on artwork, and all other ‘behind the scenes’ type stuff check out our blog:

And now, Akumu Ink is giving one lucky DBH reader to win of of their shirts! 
Entering is easy, all you have to do is go to the Akumu website ( and tell me which shirt design is your favorite! Leave a comment to THIS POST with your name, email address, and let me know which design is your favorite. An EXTRA ENTRY is available for a "like" on the Akumu Facebook Page ( The winner will be randomly chosen from all entries two weeks from today (December 22nd) and will be notified by email as well as announced on the DBH facebook page. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! Contest is open WORLD WIDE So enter and good luck!!!


[Retro-Z] said...

totally great designs... i am diggin' the Houdini design... and I have done both.. thank you for sharing this with us..


Morphine said...

I love the Starved shirt, it looks awesome.

Keya Millionie
I liked them on FB

Chriss said...

It's too bad the girls' shirts are so small, there were some really great designs there! The Asylum mens' shirt is pretty awesome though. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this site now.

Kweeny Todd said...

Oh choose just one? I can't really. They are all so cool. I suppose the first one with the Cleaver if I must choose.

I doubt they would fit me though, I tend to wear a large in women's. Very cool designs though!

Queenie Thayer

Kweeny Todd said...

PS: liked them on FB. :)