Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness:Week3-What Eric Watched

By Eric Polk-

Whew!!! After last week's moribund pt total, this week was much, much better. I was introduced to the world of Hammer films and was blessed to spend this
past Saturday night at THE CREEPY DRIVE-IN(as I like to call it) in Moon Twp, PA.

Day 14
The Walking Dead(S3, Episode 1)
The adventures of Rick and his Merry Band of Walker Fighters pick up, this time in a walker-infested prison.
3.5 Herschel Screams out of 5...What worked for me last season clearly was on limited display this time around. Great opening, awesome ending..Sorta empty in the middle.
1 base pt(60 mins)
ATB for saying "Carl is my bitch" on the FB page!
4 pts total
Day 15
Midnight Mass(2003)
Like I Am Legend....if you're drunk!!!
1.5 bite marks out of 5....Poor acting, poor dialogue...A potential Bottom 10 of 2012 candidate(I go by what I've seen this year not what just by what came out this year)
2 base pts(98 mins)
1 bonus for vampires
3 pts total
Day 16
Night Gallery(1973,as part of a syndicated package, episodes of "The Sixth Sense" tv show where included in reruns with Night Gallery..they were edited to feature intros by Rod Serling so I cannot make an exact determination on season and episode date)
"Through a Flame Darkly"...Look at me, she's Sandra Dee and she has visions that cause her to believe a childhood friend is in trouble.
3.5 scares out five...Kind of intense for early-70s tv.
0.5 base pts(30 mins)

"The Angry Red Planet"(1959)
A survivor of an ill-fated trip to Mars returns to tell what happened on their expedition to the...well you know the title:-)
4 Tripod legs out of 5...I was really taken aback by how the red SFX and the highly deadly BAT tarantula pulled this movie from grade-b scifi fare into a real good film
2 base pts(83 minutes)
1 bonus(released in 1959)
3 pts total
Day 17
The Twilight Zone-"The Dummy"(Season 3, episode 98)
A fading, alcoholic ventriloquist is tortured by his dummy who has come to life.
5 Dimensions out of 5
My favorite episode!!!!! A scary metaphor regarding the perils of alcoholism
0.5 base pts(30 mins)
1 bonus(Golem-The dummy comes to life!)
1 pt total
Thriller-"Pigeons From Hell"(Season 1, Episode 36)
Based on the short story by Robert E. Howard, two young men are forced to spend the night in an old, decrepit southern house
4 bird droppings out of 5....Taut, suspenseful...everything you can ask for in a horror-based tv show episode.
1 base point(60 mins)
1 bonus(hosted by Boris Karloff)
2 pts total
Day 18
American Horror Story:Asylum "Welcome to Briarcliff" (Season 2, Episode 1)
The insanity and debauchery, the hallmarks of AHS, move from a California house to an infamous looney bin.
4.5 fantasies out of 5...Looks like the conflict between religion and science is going to be cranked up a notch this season
2 base pts(65 mins)
1 bonus(Takes place in an asylum)
3 pts. total

Star Wars:The Clone Wars(Season 5, Episode 1)
A revived Darth Maul and his brother,Savage Osprey, duel it out with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Galla in the season debut of the animated series
4 Disturbing Lacks of Faith out of 5...It's Star Wars :-)
0.5 base pts
0.5 pts total

Half-hour of Presidential Debate
0.5 pts
Day 19
Star Trek:TOS "Assignment:Earth"(Season 2, Ep 24)
Kirk and Spock must stop a mysterious interstellar secret agent before WWIII begins on 1968 Earth.
10 Warp Factors out of 10....My favorite Star Trek TOS episode!!! It's good to see the fate of the world in the hands of someone not named Kirk or Spock.
1 base pt(60 mins)
1 bonus pt(Isis, Gary Seven's partner, changes from a cat to a quite attractive humanoid female then back again)
1 bonus pt(The bookshelf on Mr. Seven's wall revolves, revealing his quite snobby Beta 5 computer)
3 pts total

The Horror of Dracula(1958)
The Gothic legend is retold in Hammer's version.
5 pints of blood out of 5...The color is gorgeous, the story well-told, and quite graphic for a late-50s horror film.
2 base points(90 mins)
ATB (Dracula)
6 pts total
Day 20
Friday the 13th, Part IV:The Final Chapter(cue laugh track)(1984)
Part One of the Tommy Jarvis trilogy
9 machetes out of 10..One of my two favorite F13 films of the series
2 base pts(90 mins)
2 pts total
The Tall Man(2012)
In a small mining town, children are disappearing on a regular basis, and the abductions are blamed on a local legend called "the Tall Man." There is a cloaked figure in this movie, the atmosphere is Washington-state grey and dark which is why I submit this as a horror film
8 cold chills out of 10...You have to pay attention to what is going on but the payoff is good.
2 base pts(100 mins)
2 pts total
Sinister(2012)-Part One of mine and Mrs.Polk's CREEPY NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN!!!
Follows true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt as he discovers a box of home movies that put his family in danger.
8 scary frames out of 10...Dark, suspenseful...quite a few WTF moments that keeps your interest..Has found-footage elements but only used as an accompaniment.
2 base pts(110 minutes)
2 points total
House at the End of the Street(2012)-Part Two of mine and Mrs.Polk's CREEPY NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN!!!
Newly divorced Sarah and her daughter Elissa find the house of their dreams in a small upscale town. But when startling events begin to happen, Sarah and Elissa learn the town is in the shadows of a chilling secret.
5 nicks out of 10....A glorified Lifetime movie that when it does get to its decent end, it's too late to care.
2 base points(101 minutes)
1 bonus pt(ending scene in an asylum)
3 pts total

Total for the week:35 pts.

In determining what movie advances to my November Fatal-Four Way Grand Finale of My Madness, I was struck with a somewhat difficult decision...I had TWO films that easily could be viewed in November during my tournament...However, as much as I enjoyed Sinister,  I went with the older movie.

   (Horror of Dracula is the third entrant in my November Fatal-Four Way Grand Match of My Madness)

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