Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Asunder

Hey folks! This is your Dollar Bin Radio Co-host Brandon Sites here taking a one hour break from film producing and porn, to review director Travis Legge's compilation of short films entitled "Asunder".  

Now, some of you might say "....well, wasn't Travis the director of your first production entitled 'Urban Legends'?" and the answer would be "yes", but that will not stop me from giving an honest review and opinion of his work. 

Asunder is a collection of horror tales connected in theme. The characters that populate the film embark upon amoral behavior or make stupid decisions and as a result they pay for it. 

With Asunder, there is a clear point of view for most of the film's running time and there is a sense of cohesion amongst most of the tales. However, as a horror film, Asunder makes one critical blunder. It just isn't scary. There is a lack of suspense, scares, tension or unease. I like that there is a balance with this compilation between trying to be psychological and being full on gory, but as a whole, Asunder really needed to dial the horror up.  

The best segment of the bunch, "City Without Walls" is saved for last. I know you don't think of the word charming when you think of horror, but "City Without Walls" has charm and spunk. Despite its brief running time, this short has well drawn characters and appealing performances from its principle cast members. There's something really infectious and irresistible about the "City Without Walls" segment that stayed with me after the film was over with. 

Another positive about the film is Aley Kreinz. I have had the pleasure of working with her first hand, but as I said, that won't cloud my judgement when it comes to being honest. Aley really pops on camera. Someone can always work towards being a better actor, but you either have star presence or you don't. And Aley definitely has some star quality to her whenever she is on screen. 

As a whole, Asunder is serviceable preview of what Travis Legge could potentially deliver in a feature film as elements that are uniquely Travis come through in each tale, but overall Asunder misses the mark cause it fails to deliver the most important element of any horror film - Horror!

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