Monday, September 3, 2012

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Spirit Stalkers

The Spirit Stalkers reality show, once a big hit, faces cancellation without a ratings boost, which leads the investigative team to Gloria Talman, whose house is rampant with unexplained ghostly activity.

Spirit Stalkers is a very well done indie ghost film that delivers the scares and, as we've all seen before with Pig Biting Pig films, has some major twists and turns that leave you on edge. A group of four team members investigate paranormal occurrences...but never actually encounter a ghost. They rationalize everything that happens and always ends the show with the phrase "mystery solved". Because of this, the ratings plummet and fights between the producer and the head of the group go on. Meanwhile, we see a parallel story of strange happenings in the home of Gloria Talman. This all leads to the investigators deciding on her house for a new episode.
I've pretty much summed up the first hour of the film, which for me was a very slow start. This was pretty much the ONLY problem I had with the entire film because after you get through all that, it really turns into a fantastic low budget indie scare fest! The acting was very well done and believable, I liked how the show felt like something you could really see on cable, and there wasn't a lot of blood but the film was still very effective at making you feel uneasy, playing off of some great atmosphere, and giving you jump scares as you see strange things in the background. There were two great plot twists as well at the end that really was the icing on the cake. The film was done with a very low budget yet I felt that the second half of it could stand up to some big time ghost movies.
Yes, it has a very slow start but if you're willing to get through it I guarantee you won't be disappointed! You can learn more and get your own copy HERE!

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Beuchamp said...

I caught it at Fright Night Film Fest. I loved it. Few movies give me the willys. This one did!