Friday, September 28, 2012

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight: The Complete Bob Wilkins Creature Features

Bob Wilkins (April 11, 1932 – January 7, 2009) was a beloved Northern California television personality best known for his long run as a horror host. His singularly unique approach to the films and his hosting style was a simple extension of his wit and charming personality. This film covers the dates and titles of his weekly horror shows on KCRA 3, KTXL 40, and KTVU 2 with vintage interviews of Bob Wilkins, clips from his shows, film trailers, commercials, stills, and audio recordings. A video scrapbook, you definitely will not catch it all on a single viewing. Includes archival interviews with: Christopher Lee • John Carradine • Donald Sutherland • John Belushi • John Landis • William Marshall

I'll be completely honest, before I watched this dvd I didn't really know anything about Bob Wilkins. I mean I knew he was a horror host, but that was about it. After watching "The Complete Bob Wilkins Creature Features" though, you really do get a sense of who he was, how he hosted, and why he did it the way he did. He's funny, quick witted, calm in his delivery, and extremely smart (you can see this in the interview about being one of the first horror hosts to actually make fun of the films he showed...sound familiar to anyone?). As for the dvd itself, it really is what the package describes...a video scrapbook. It goes year by year and shows classic clips from his show, interviews with people who knew and worked with Bob (and it really seems a LOT of people knew and respected him! The names in the description above is just a teaser!), interviews with Bob himself, and much more! We even get a ton of great classic Creature Feature trailers and clips (such as the trailer for Night of the Living Dead). As all the clips are playing, the bottom of the screen shows the titles shown on every single episode of his show and the side screen shows classic movie posters from the films. So really, you also get a scrap book of amazing classic horror posters too! As the package states, it is a bit hard to get through in one sitting (I mean, we're going through the years 1966 to 1981), but it's not really made to! It's a dvd that's made to come back to over and over again when you need a bit of nostalgia  For new fans it's a dvd to bring you into the world of Bob Wilkins, and for the seasoned watcher it will surely bring back some great memories. I wish that November Fire would make one for Ghoulardi (hint hint...)! If you're a Bob Wilkins fan or if you just love horror hosts in general, you NEED to have this dvd scrapbook in your collection! It's not only a great collection of clips, but the case itself is something special (It has printed on the inside both a certificate and a membership card to the Bob Wilkins Fan Club that is sure to give old fans a fun surprise)! Plain and simple, it's a beautifully done collage of one of horror's great hosts and is a must have for Bob Wilkins lovers. You can get your copy by clicking HERE!

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