Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DBH Road Trip:Kiss/Motley Crue

By Eric Polk-
This past Sunday I got the chance to see my favorite band KISS for a fourth time just outside my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. So what does this have to do with horror? Really? Do I have to answer that question? C'mon...Gene Simmons...Demon...Blood breather? It doesn't get much more horror than that.(Unless you count this drunk biker chick whom I unfortunately encountered as I was standing in line waiting to get in)

Anyhoo, joining KISS on their latest assault across these here United States was a lil' ol' band known as Motley Crue....Motley Fuckin' Crue if you ask their diehard fans. Now while I did enjoy the Crue at one point in my life,  they're not necessarily bumped on my player a whole lot these days.

The Crue offered what you'd expect from these 80s bad boys:Pyro, cool stage(steampunk-theme) and, of course, girls, girls, girls. Playing to a hits-only setlist, we got to hear all their greatest hits coupled with their latest release, Sex. Tommy Lee wowed us with his drum solo, spinning in a loopy-loop with Crue fan in tow. While the band was good, Vince Neil decided to phone in his performance, forgetting half the words to every song.

But I wasn't there to see the Crue, I was there to see KISS.....And they did what they did best:Rock the Fucking House!!!!!

You got the high-energy, the fog, the fire, the smoking guitar solo. The whole visual feast! Almost 40 years later, KISS still proves why they are the measuring stick that all live acts must follow. Sadly, they had to cut their setlist short due to time constraints so no Beth, Let Me Go Rock-N-Roll, or Cold Gin but that was only a hiccup. Overall, I had a great time and I cannot wait to see them for show #5!

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