Monday, August 27, 2012

Eric's Horror Movie Alphabet:G is for "The Giant Gila Monster"

By Eric Polk-
Originally, G was suppose to stand for 1984's Girl's Night Out BUT seems the good folks at Netflix just didn't have it in my regional distribution center so I have to wait until it arrives. Since they were kind enough, however to give me H, I was forced to comb Instant View, and standing like a boil on my hairy ass was this taut gem from the Nifty Fifties.

I mean do I really have to explain the plot? Do I really have to watch this and be lulled into an attack of snoozing and boozing? The answer was a resounding NO!!!! Enter>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yes...This movie is sooooooooo bad, I had to recruit Joel Hodgson and the 'Bots from my favorite tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000 to get me through this bad monster movie hell. Thanks to them and their snarky sarcasm, they guided through this 90 minute piece of dreck involving....well...a giant gila monster killing people in a small town.

Had it not been for them, all that bad music, bad acting, and slow pacing would have made Eric a dull boy.

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