Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to OSS Zombie Bowling!

For those of you who have been reading DBH for a while, you already know that the Oldschool Sinema Zombie Walks are pretty much the highlight of my year. I love getting to hang out with other zombie lovers and some of the coolest guys and gals in indie horror right here in my own backyard. So when I heard that the fine folks of OSS had something new up their sleeves, it was on like donkey kong! Welcome to the world of Zombie Bowling!

Picture by Kerry Sovie
This was the first (of many) OSS events at Mahalls 20 Lanes in Lakewood Ohio. The zombies had the entire basement of lanes and the downstairs bar all to themselves from 9pm till past 1am! First off, the place was absolutely fantastic with vintage style lanes that reminded you of something from the 60's. The staff was also very friendly (especially the guy working at the bar, no idea what his name was but I hope everyone tipped him!)

Then, of course, you have the zombies. As usual, everyone came out in their best outfits (as you see, I both got zombiefied and geeked out in my zombie Spock duds). But the award for best Zombie has to be a toss up between Ginger Rose (the burn victim below) and David Ruple (right below ginger's pic. I at first thought he was Steve Erwin...kinda still do except for the stash!)

Picture by Jamie Speck
Not only did they come in their bloody Sunday best, but they came with their always friendly attitudes and eagerness to meet new people. I actually came to this event alone (at the last minute, the person I was supposed to come with cancelled), but within 10 minutes of arriving I knew I wasn't staying that way. I met up with a couple of people I knew on Facebook and a few first time zombies and BAM, you got a bowling team! I always love how at the OSS events, I never feel out of place or weird for coming alone, cause you never really are. Even the shyest of people will find someone to party with!

Picture by Kerry Sovie  
There were a few faces of course that I'm sure many of our readers would recognize! Jason Nagy (below) from was once again there to sell his awesome (literally, you will be in awe of it) stock of zombie goodies (just some of it is pictured below)

And, I met the lovely BJ-C from for the first time! All our history behind us, she was very lovely in person (and had great makeup as always) and I hope to see her at many more OSS events!

So in closing...what else can I say! It was a blast and a fantastic time was had by all. I can't wait for the next OSS event (which, a HUGE announcement about the next Zombie Walk/Festival is coming soon from the head of OSS, Joe. As soon as I know it, so will you!!!)

Picture by Jamie Speck 

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