Friday, July 6, 2012

New Contest: Autographed Cover Slicks from author Tom Hubbard!

These are slicks made out to me, yours will be personalized to you!
For this week's giveaway, we have a special treat. Indie horror author Tom Hubbard is celebrating the launch of not one, but two full length novels by giving one luck DBH reader the chance to win 2 autographed slicks of the covers! The slicks are professionally printed on card stock (about 8x10) and will be hand signed specifically to you by Tom Hubbard. You will get one of each slick pictured above. Here's a little info on the two books:

Necroland (can be purchased HERE):
25 years after testing a drug, intended to assist astronauts on long space flights, the resulting horror has ravaged and destroyed all but a tiny fraction of humanity. Victims of the virus are undead 'Chewers,' constantly hunting for fresh human organs. Some dead can pass for living, making them incredibly devious and deadly, almost impossible to detect. Dante and the beautiful Sabina control the most important component in a dead world, Necroland Security, a ferocious band of guards, hunters and killers which is all that stands between the cowering living and undead 'Chewers' surrounding their new state of South-Central Ohio. They protect the state's commercial Blocs, such as Transport, Power and Communications. And of course those that operate enormous 'for profit' Burning Pits which incinerate terminated Chewers. Dante and Sabina, friends, partners and lovers since childhood, are hardened survivors in a dead world. Allied with Ling, gorgeous head of the Fighting Tiger Tong, Dante and Sabina battle death itself in undead guises. Not set 'the day after,' as almost all zombie movies and books are, this dark novel paints a bloody nightmare about what is left of humanity a full 25 years after the 'collapse.' First in a series, NECROLAND is unlike anything in the genre. It's first sequel, BLOOD REAPER is coming soon, as is the third, DEMON ROAD. As Rhonny Reaper of says:" Forget everything you thought you knew about the undead.Tom Hubbard's NECROLAND brings a futuristic, action packed viewpoint to the table and delivers a page turner that will hold you until the very last page!" The ultimate nightmare is just beginning!

Dark Angel Asylum (can be purchased HERE):
Diane Hunter is a beautiful, accomplished Forensic Psychiatrist, in demand by law-enforcement the world over as the famous 'Hunter,' who tracks serial killers. Accompanied by her dedicated and brilliant nurse, Angela Martinez, Hunter has been contracted by a mysterious organization to consult on a case at the long-abandoned Ravenswood Asylum for the Criminally Insane, atop Wolf Creek Mountain in West Virginia. This haunting, Victorian Gothic monstrosity, nicknamed 'Dark Angel Asylum' after a nurse suspected of horrific killings there in the 1920s, is right out of Edgar Allen Poe's own nightmares. What they uncover in the asylum's dungeon-like basement cells is far worse than any dream could conjure. Assaulted by the undead, assisted (or deceived) by Demons, Hunter and a small band of military are desperate to find answers. Suddenly isolated, this tiny group of living survivors are faced with mysteries about the undead, life, death and called upon to sacrifice for humanity's very survival. But, will their souls, the essence of what makes them human, survive the answers they so desperately seek? In Dark Angel Asylum, Evil truly is...Patient As Hell!

I've had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Necroland and absolutely loved it. It was futuristic, had great action, and was just a well written story. I definitely recommend checking it out and I can't wait to read Dark Angel Asylum.

So how do you win? EASY! All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email address OR email me the same information to SUPER SPECIAL EXTRA ENTRIES CHANCE! If you purchase either of the books and send me proof (email me a copy of your receipt/invoice thingy or a screenshot of your shopping cart, whatever just some kind of proof), you'll get 3 extra entries! If you buy both, you'll get 5 extra entries (I pull the names out of a hat and you will get your name put in extra times). The contest will run until July 20th and I will post the winner on the site that night. So enter and good luck!!!

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