Monday, June 4, 2012

Eric's Horror Alphabet:A is for Alien(1979)

By Eric Polk-
I thought it would be neat to do reviews of some previously viewed(or brand new to me)films in alphabetical order. With the impending Prometheus only a few days from release, I decided I'd take my wife(non-horror fan) and head back to the movie that started it all for the franchise.

Alien is a commonly viewed film within the horror community so I'll skip the plot and say why I still enjoy this film years later. Obviously, the chestburster scene. Few scenes in horror-perhaps in all movie genres-can come right out of nowhere to make you jump, yell, hiss, bark at the moon, etc. Rewatching this, I've come to appreciate the claustrophobia Alien presents once they leave the planet. A crew of a spaceship twisting and turning in tight catacombs to deal with a presence they have never dealt with before.

Thanks to this and Star Wars, sci-fi films drew away from the clean, pristine feel you saw in films such as Logan's Run, THX-1138, 2001 etc. turning down the gritty road for other films to follow. This, of course, I highly appreciate. Not mentioned in casual conversation is the character Ash. Such a colossal prick. I was sooooo happy when he met his fate.

Needless to say, Alien set the template that Aliens surpassed, Aliens 3 and Alien:Resurrection fell short of. Prometheus has alot to live up to if it's to be remembered as lovingly as it's first cousin.

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