Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artwork for the 30th anniversary of "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" is just not scary!

THIS is what I was talking about on the radio show last night (for those who were listening). The publishers of probably my favorite book from when I was a kid, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, decided to replace the original artwork (on the left by Stephen Gammell) with what is in my opinion watered-down illustrations for the 30th anniversary edition. The original art is what scared me the most when I first read this book (way back in third grade I believe). It was haunting and beautiful in it's scratchiness and simplicity. This new artwork (on the right by Brett Helquist) is just not cutting it. No disrespect, because he is very talented, but it doesn't even come close to capturing the terror of these tales and does absolutely nothing for me. I'm especially disappointed with the art for my favorite story in the whole book, the one about the girl and the spider (artwork at the top). The new art is just too...pretty! There is no terror in her face. In fact, she looks too peaceful. I don't mean to bitch, but this really got to me because in my mind, this book is a classic and the artwork was a major part of why I think so. Not liking this at ALL.


Aaron J. Howell said...

The original illustrations gave me nightmares as a child. I love them to this day and plan to frame some of the best one of these days.

warewolfboy said...

I find the oh suzannah new artwork fitting to the story.the gammel artwork had nothing to do with the story and looked like someone's nightmare while the artist for the new one captured the moment when suzannah was awoken by someone humming "oh suzannah!" And thought her freind Jane was humming it in her sleep.