Friday, April 6, 2012

Dollar Bin Horror Review:Rocktober Blood(1984)

By Eric Polk-
I was going to originally finish this review this past Wednesday in time for our discussion of music and horror over on DBHR, but alas, real life sometimes gets in the way of fun....which is what I had for the most part with this heavy metal sub-genre horror film.

An arrogant rock star dies and returns two years later to haunt his surviving bandmates. That's all really, nothing more intricate than that. For about the first two-thirds of this movie, it had what you wanted in a cheeseball 80s slasher film. Thin plot, ok kill scenes, T and A(though an all over tan might have been a good idea for a certain female cast member), lousy acting. It's during the final scene that this thread snaps and descends into pure stupidity. Just like Terror on Tour, I'm going to assume this movie ran out of money at the end(though we have a bit more closure with this one).

The music provided by Sorcery(the band featured in this) isn't bad for 80s metal. I've been bumping I'm Back since I started writing this review.  Anyway, Rocktober Blood is one of those movies that you could have seen on USA Up All Night and Saturday Nightmares back in my day. Also, it doesn't have an official dvd release so if you care to see it, I recommend the site that rhymes with moo cube.

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Real Queen of Horror said...

This definitely sounds like my type of movie! I love my 80s cheese so! ^_^