Sunday, March 18, 2012

The River - Episodes 6 & 7 "Doctor Emmet Cole" and "The Experiment"

Ok so I've been a little bit behind on my River reviews, so I thought I'd to a bit of a quicker recap of the last two episodes. We start with Episode 6, which really is the group watching videos that Emmet left behind and we see things from his point of view. The videos follow him and two of his crew members, Manny and a young lady they called "Rabbit" (who has a bit of a school girl crush on our missing Doc) as well as his loyal dog as the search for what Emmet believes is the "source" of the magic, a tribe with amazing abilities to heal who may or may not be angels. The video start off a bit whimsical and positive...then all of a sudden a strange wind blows and a story about a spirit names Tunchi (who as Jahel points out while watching isn't a spirit as Emmet believes, but a demon). The demon starts off with a scare (a skinned monkey hanging from a tree) but the next night, shows the crew who's boss (now Manny was hanging's odd though how a skinned monkey is perfectly fine to show but a skinned man must be pixelated!). Long story short, Rabbit takes the supplies and gets the hell out during the night, Emmet is left with nothing but his camera equipment and his dog, and by the end of the show he chooses not to kill his dog for food (yay!) and is near death...well all of a sudden, tribal people come to his rescue and drops him off at some kind of base camp no one knew was there. The Magus crew sees this and immediately leaves to find this base...only to find it is now abandoned and run down (but they do find the dog, and he's ok!).

So one we are to Episode 7, and the crew decided to look around, sure that Emmet is still somewhere at the base. As the search, they are taken aback from the strong stench coming from the kitchen area...but not from the food. As they open what looks to be a large freezer door, piles and piles of bodies are found. Lincoln goes in to make sure Emmet was not in the pile (he's not) and we see flashbacks about Kurt's girlfriend/fiance Hana, who just so happens was supposed to be at the base! As he's reliving the past, he and the camera man hear a noise...turns out Rabbit is alive and scared out of her mind. She says  "they" will be back. Before she has time to explain, we see a zombie like creature, followed by many more of course, coming after the Magus crew like an all you can eat buffet!

The crew lock themselves in a room and begin to watch some surveillance footage. Turns out the place was a scientific research facility who were trying to figure out why the tribe Emmet was looking for lived so long. We see an autopsy of one of the tribe members when guess who comes to shoot the place up? Kurt's girl Hana! When she does though, she must have hit something bad because everyone drops to the floor and starts turning into the zombie like creatures that are now waiting outside the room.

The crew sees what seems to be someone using a mirror as a signal in a room across the building. Thinking that it's Emmet, they wait for the coast to be clear and book it over there, only to see that it was a wind-chime. Just when all hope seems lost that he is alive, a dragon fly appears. now everytime one of these has shown up, it seems to have brought them closer to Emmet. They follow it up into a small room where they find Emmet in a cocoon!

The crew cuts him out and makes their way back to the boat to let him recover. Kurt reveals to the cameraman that he is hear to Kill Emmet (something we knew from the beginning, just not why) except the camera man does understand what he said...he doesn't speak German! But before that conversation could go any further, it seems that some of the zombies have followed the crew back to the boat (Rabbit, who was sitting on the deck, got ripped to shreds). One of the zombies was non other than Hana, and Kurt, for the first time, hesitates to use his gun. After an emotional few moments, he finally pulls the trigger. When the last of the zombies busts through, an awakened Emmet saves the say and kills it before asking "How was my funeral".


I must say this was probably the best episode yet. It was really well done and exciting the entire time. My only concern is they ALREADY FOUND EMMET! It's not even the end of the first season! Where is the show going to go from here when the whole show is about FINDING EMMET!?! I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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