Friday, February 17, 2012

The River - Episode 3 "Los Ciegos"

Episode Synopsis: When the crew encounters a tree's spores and goes blind, camera operator AJ Poulain must find a cure and face his fear before the team becomes blind permanently. The crew meanwhile is stalked by the local Morcego tribe, who is judging whether they are worthy to stay - or face the fatal consequences.

***This contains spoilers***
Ok, so this week's episode (written by the X-file's Glen Morgan) changed around how I saw a few of the characters. Let's start of with exaclty what is going on. The group enters a part of the Amazon, while still looking for the missing Dr. Cole, that has these strange symbols drawn on the trees. Jahel, the one a said last week was the only one with any sense (and still is the only one it seems), explains that the symbols are of an ancient tribe called the Morcego that judge whether they are worthy to stay. And, of course, even after that important bit of information is given to the group, they still continue to press on. So after going through a cave and seeing the body of a missionary that apparently wasn't judged very highly (seeing as his eyes were ripped out), they set up camp to sleep for the night.

If you guessed that not getting the hell up out of there wasn't the best idea, you get a cookie! One by one, the crew start going blind (apparently from some kind of plant the Morcego use). They make their way back to the boat and the body guard (who acted like he wasn't blind yet) cuts the producer right in the gut (thanks alot buddy!). Anyways, when back on the boat, the Producer and Leslie share a somewhat tender moment in the hallway (this was a little confusing at first because I thought they didn't like each other, but it will be explained) and guess what starts to appear on the camera (look at the pic above...a great holy shit moment if I may say so). The crew starts locking themselves in different rooms of the ship, and the Producer and Joe are locked together as Joe tries to cauterize (use a hot piece of metal to burn the wound shut) the cut wound (btw, they are BOTH blind at this point!). Joe, having seen the little moment in the hallway earlier before his sight went, asks him what was going on (this is were my opinion of the Producer changed).

It turns out that Leslie didn't really cheat on Dr. Cole as the last episode hinted, but that they split up because Dr. Cole chose the Amazon over his wife. Afterwords, her and the Producer were together for a while until she learned Cole might still be alive. So Leslie pretty much dropped the producer like a bag of bricks to go hunt for her husband in the Amazon and the Producer still seems to love her (you following me?).

Meanwhile, The bodyguard, AJ the cameraman, and Eloise are sent off to look for a root that will bring back their sight. When they get to the area they need to go, the only one with vision left is AJ. So what does he do?  He says fuck ya'll, I'm outta here!!! He ditches them! I thought the Producer was a douche, but shit! Funny thing is on his way, he finds the tree that has the root under it and I guess he has a change of heart (after saying every curse word imaginable as you can see from his pixelated mouth). He crawls under the tree to get the root, but it seems like the earth above him is caving in.

Meanwhile back at the ship, the Morcegos are finding there way in. Everyone is blind, terrified, and has no idea from which direction they are coming from. So guess who the hero of the day is...that's right, the Producer! He stumbles his still bleeding ass out and makes a plea to the Mocegos, stating if they want to judge anyone, it should be him. He starts having a confession/breakdown...and it seems to work! The Morcegos back off and leave. It even seems they had a hand in saving AJ the cameraman from being stuck under the tree! So AJ and the rest return with the root and everyone is ok...for now at least.

I hope that I explained it all enough for you to get it (It's easier to follow if you watch it). The show had some great jump moments and I really like the character development that's going on here. I know my description probably makes it sound more like a soap opera, but I assure you it has some really good scares. I would say that it's wasn't as fast paced as the first two, but it still had a really strong story and still drew me in (also, the scene where AJ goes off on a cursing tantrum made me laugh my ass off for some strange reason). You can watch full episodes on

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