Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eric Polk and DBH Present:Terror Bowl II

From Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, site of Super Bowl XLVI, welcome to TERROR BOWL II......

What is up? A tremendous day or night to you. Eric Polk for DBH Sports broadcasting today's big game......Representing the New York Football Giants is the movie directed by Lucio Fulci, 1982's The New York Ripper. Representing the New England Patriots, 2001's Session 9, directed by Brad Anderson.

It's going to be a contrast in horror styles as Ripper brings a smack-you-in-the-face, bludgeoning game while Session 9 brings a subtle, hypnotizing attack that takes awile to unfold. Enough hype, Reaplings, let's go to the field.

The New York Ripper was a film I reviewed back in November 2010 on this site and here is what I thought of it....

The story is a stock cat-and-mouse game between detective and killer, one who kills nubile young ladies while(I'm deadly serious)quacking like a duck.

You would think that Fulci dropped some mediocrity acid on this one(as he had in Manhattan Baby), but believe it or not, there is a purpose behind the killer's mannerism, an understandable reason at that.

Naturally, this film is chockful of blood, gore, and nudity. It's as if this could have been shown on Skinimax on a late Friday night. The movie's suspense lies in keeping you guessing as to whodunit. The acting is not quite as melodramatic as Italian horror films have a tendency to do, but nevertheless it has its moments. If you like Fulci or Argento or Bava, you'll like this film.

On the other hand, Session 9 focuses focuses on the growing tension within an asbestos removal crew working at an abandoned mental asylum, which is paralleled by the gradual revelation of a former patient's disturbed past through recorded audio tape of the patient's hypnotherapy sessions. Whereas The New York Ripper relies on TNA and splatter to keep your interest, Session 9 goes for the psychological scares as it slowly builds to one mind screw of a film.

No doubt, both of these movies state a pretty good case for victory. In the end, however, it comes down to hype. When you bill yourself as The Most Controversial Movie Ever Made, your expectations are naturally higher. Sadly, The New York Ripper is no more controversial then the next Italian giallo.

The winner of Terror Bowl II is......

Congratulations, Session 9. You join the original Day of the Dead as winners of this prestigious contest!  This Eric Polk, see you next year  in 'Nawlins for Terror Bowl III.....Goodnight Now!!! 


Lou said...

I smell a fix. No "Jason Takes Manhattan?"

Eric Polk said...

The result would have been the same and besides the title is misleading. 5 minutes of exterior shots? No way.