Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dollar Bin Re....Hell NO!!!!...Rant:Possession(1981)

By Eric Polk-
Aye Calor! I sit here 24 hours after viewing recovering from what is one of the worst visual experiences in my life. Howard the Duck, Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare,and House of the Devil are all due apology letters from me because this French film directed by Andrezj Zulawski trumps every single bad movie I have watched...well...there's still Crazy Fat Ethel II.
I mean the only thing that saves Possession from overtaking the spot CFE II is the fact it was shot on celluloid and there is a rather intense near-birthing scene. Nevertheless, this movie sucks, blows, bombs, makes me want to smash my manhood with a mallet while listening to a Glee soundtrack.

The thing that initially had me interested was the synopsis on Turner Classic Movies-woman gives birth to an octopus. Ok, has the makings of a bad horror movie. I'm game. I just didn't know how bad it was!!!!

Mark (Sam Neill) returns home from an espionage mission (the nature of this mission is vague, but it involves long trips abroad, cash stuffed into briefcases, and vials of secret liquids) to find that his wife, Anna (Isabelle Adjani), wants a divorce. She won't say why, but insists it's not because she's found someone else.
Though Mark would rather stay with Anna and work things out, he turns the apartment and custody of their young son, Bob, over to her. Living alone, he begins to obsess over her, making dozens of calls, and seemingly going mad. He pays a visit to their flat only to find Bob alone, unkempt, and neglected. When Anna returns, he refuses to leave her alone with the child but attempts to make amends. He stays at the apartment to care for Bob but Anna leaves in the middle of the night.
Mark receives a phone call from Anna’s lover, Heinrich (Heinz Bennent), telling him that Anna is with him. He then gets Heinrich’s phone number from Anna’s friend, Margie. The next day, Mark meets Bob’s teacher, Helen, also played by Ms. Adjani. She looks exactly like Anna but with brilliant green eyes and is calm and kind where Anna is hysterical.
Mark pays a visit to Heinrich who swears he didn’t call telling Mark that Anna needed space; he has not seen her, having been away on a business trip himself. Mark attacks Heinrich but is beaten bloody by Heinrich.

Mark returns home to find Anna who is vague on her whereabouts when confronted. He beats her and she storms out but he follows, apologizing, attempting for reconciliation. She leaves him alone on the street. On his way back to the flat, he encounters Margie, whose left leg is inexplicably in a cast, and he tells her, “I loathe you” when she offers to look after Bob. Mark has a meeting with a private investigator, then returns to the flat where he and Margie embrace in the bedroom.

The next day, Mark and Anna have another extreme argument during which she cuts her own neck with an electric knife. Mark tends the wound and then sits, forlornly in the kitchen, cutting his own arm with the knife. She leaves again – going off to her mysterious place, her neck bandaged.

Following Anna around the city, the private investigator soon discovers Anna in a squalid apartment, devoid of furniture. The investigator pretends to be a building manager. Inspecting the apartment, he finds in the bathroom, a creature of such bizarre proportions (there it is)that he is stunned into silence. Anna kills him with the end of a broken bottle.

Isn't there an octopus in this? Anyway, Mark begins a relationship with Helen. When she stays the night, Bob is awakened by nightmares, crying out for his mother. Helen apologizes and leaves saying she should not have attempted to replace Anna.

Zimmerman, the lover of the missing private detective, approaches Mark to inquire about his whereabouts. Mark gives him the address of Anna’s mysterious apartment, which he had presumably gotten from the detective. When Zimmerman goes at Anna’s apartment, he discovers the freakish creature as well as his dead lover’s body. Anna proclaims that the creature, “Is very tired. He made love to me all night,” and “He’s still unfinished, you know.” And then violently beats Zimmerman when he attempts to shoot her.

Anna, returning to the flat she shares with Mark, continues her erratic behavior, putting clothes in the refrigerator and food in the bedroom. She then tells Mark about her miscarriage. In a flashback, Anna, on her way home from market, has what appears to be a seizure of epic violence as she walks through the subway, which ends with her on the floor of the passageway, oozing blood and fluids from every orifice. She tells Mark, “What I miscarried there was sister faith and what was left was sister chance.”
She leaves him again and Mark calls Heinrich, giving him Anna’s address. He attempts to make love to her but finds the creature, now more developed but still monstrous, in her bedroom. Anna then reveals the grim fruits of her endeavors: a collection of body parts in her refrigerator, presumably those of the dead detective and Zimmerman. She attacks Heinrich with a knife and he flees, bleeding, to Mark’s flat. Anna, meanwhile, prepares to make love to the creature.
Heinrich tells Mark what he has seen and when Mark discovers the remains, destroys the apartment by igniting the gas stove and blowing the place up. He also lures Heinrich into a bar and murders him in the bathroom, making it look as if Heinrich drowned in his own vomit.
Upon returning to the flat, Mark finds Marta outside with her throat cut, possibly at Anna’s hand. He brings the body back into the flat where Anna waits. She greets him tenderly, cleans him up and makes love to him in the kitchen. He lays out a plan for them to cover up the problem and, as Bob awakens to find them together, she flees.

Heinrich’s mother phones Mark looking for her son. She tells Mark that Heinrich’s body was discovered but that she did not identify it because it was only his body, “his soul was not there.”
Mark, who has continued to cover for Anna, finds her at the apartment where the creature, considerably more evolved, copulates with her on the bed. As the creature penetrates her she repeats over and over, “Almost.”

Mark meets Heinrich’s mother in person and she claims that she “must be with him.” She then seemingly poisons herself and dies. Mark, later wandering the street, meets up with his former business associates who insist that he do business with them again. Mark appears to refuse and later, while being followed by police, murders an officer then flees on a motorcycle. He has a horrific accident and races into a building where he is pursued by Anna, the police and his business associates. Ann tells him, “I wanted to find you. It is finished now,” and reveals the creature, now fully formed as Mark’s doppelganger.

Ok, that's what is suppose to be in the film.....but I failed to mentioned all the motherfuckin' screaming that goes on. It's enough for a person to jump out the window. And.....during the numerous psychotic breakdowns by the main characters, it's like watching an episode of Romper Room on steroids...I see Kenny, I see Janie, I see HELLLLL!!!!!!!

Maybe I don't get it because I'm a dumb American. Maybe I don't appreciate the subtlety of a European thriller. Nevertheless, I wasted two days of my life with this and I don't ever want to have to endure this piece of shit again!

(Rhonny here...Just had to step in and say that the statements made my one Mr. Polk comparing the awfulness that is this film to the awesomeness of Glee's soundtrack do not reflect the views of Brandon or myself (whom are planning on kidnapping Eric, tying him to a chair, and forcing him to watch every episode of Glee and listen to every song recorded by the cast until he admits it is the best show on television. Thank you for your time)


Erik (Drunketh) said...

There's no way in hell I could ever hate this movie. For shame contributor... for shame...

Marvin the Macabre said...

How is House of the Devil on your worst list? You can hate it on a personal level, but surely to throw it in with Howard the Duck and Freddy's Dead is hyperbole, right?

Also, your synopsis make the movie sound kinda good.

Eric Polk said...

It is not hyperbole...but that is a a review for another time. Who knows? You might like Possession.I just write the facts of the movie then state my opinion of it.

It's a matter of taste and tolerance. As for me, just so nonsensical at times, it drove me nuts after a time.

Eric Polk said...

One more thing...The synopsis does make Possession sound like it is kinda good...but it's presentation is just mostly awful. It's like going to your favorite restaurant,ordering the house specialty, and finding a dozen Lee Press-On Nails in the dish when served.