Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Songs in the Key of Murder

Horror comedy is hard enough to pull of on screen, but MC Randumb and Jewish Dave are attempting something even more difficult to pull off...a good and funny horror album.

This isn't the first time I've heard over the top horror rap (Chuck Conry from Zombies Don't Run has released some very funny and good horror music you should check out) so when I sat down to listen to the album, I not only knew what to expect but I had higher expectations. Each of the 15 tracks (except for intro and outro) have "murder" in the title in one shape or form. After listening to the album, it's obvious that these two guys are very talented writers and can actually rap very well. The songs are rapped over very simple beats that really anyone can make on their computer with the right software, but the songs are funny and do the job of making you laugh. The lyrics really are over the top and tend to spoof modern day rap at times. The lyrics are very graphic (both in violence and sexual themed content) and definitely not for the kiddies!
The main problem I found with the CD is that it becomes a bit repetitive after a few songs. I listened to the whole CD in one sitting and all of the songs sound similar and have the same theme (murder of course). Now while I do see where the artists wanted to keep to the theme of the CD's title, having 13 tracks (again, not including intro and outro) that have similar themes just doesn't work when you are trying to keep the listener engaged, especially in any type of comedy themed album. Think of when you watch a stand up comedian. They switch the jokes around in rapid succession throughout the show, the return to a previous joke at the end of the performance to recap and close. I think when making a horror themed CD of any kind, it's very difficult to stick with just one topic for that many songs and needs to be mixed up with other horror themes such as zombies, monsters, ect. I think the effect would have been better if just a few of the songs (like 3-5) were released together as an EP instead of a full length album.
Overall though, the songs are funny and do the job they were made to do, but I think they are best listened to in doses instead of all at once. You can judge for yourself by heading over to http://mcrandumbjewishdave.bandcamp.com/ and listening for yourself. If you like what you hear, download the CD or just the songs you like.

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