Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Review:American Horror Story-"Halloween, Part 2"

By Eric Polk-
Wow! Every week, I continue to be blown away by what I am seeing on this show. The gore, the psychological and supernatural components are mixing together in a black concoction that I am enjoying.

The Rubberman disappears and Tate appears, convincing Violet to go out on their date. After getting a call from Violet and learning she is safe, Vivien allows her to stay out. Ben finds and attacks Larry, believing that Hayden’s murder was staged and both are attempting to extort him. He threatens to kill Larry if he sees him again. Tate and Violet spend their date on the beach and Tate tells her how high school was terrible for him. Five mangled, bloody teens appear and harass Tate, prompting the couple to leave. After reiterating her desire for Ben to leave, Vivien prepares a bath. Hayden calls her and tells her to ask Ben about Boston. Her message appears on a steamed mirror and Vivien tells Ben that Hayden is in their house. Ben finds her in the basement, but Larry knocks him out with the shovel and ties him up, planning to burn the house down while Hayden deals with Vivien. As Larry prepares to burn the house, Chad intervenes.

Meanwhile, Nora unties Ben, urging him to save his child. Hayden appears to Vivien and both are shocked to learn that the other is pregnant with Ben’s child. Hayden attacks her with a shard of glass, but is stopped by Ben, who is forced to admit that he impregnated Hayden months after Vivien discovered the affair. Outside, the teens find Tate and Violet, but Tate protects Violet by making them chase him. Constance grabs Violet and takes her to her house, revealing that Addie is dead and that Tate is her son. A patrol officer arrives, hearing the house alarm and arrests Hayden. The teens catch up with Tate at the beach and are revealed to be ghosts from various cliques at Westview High who were killed when Tate committed a school shooting. The ghosts angrily demand to know why he killed them and that he admit what he did, but Tate cannot remember anything about them. With Halloween night ending, the teens depart. The other ghosts including Moira, Chad, Patrick, and Nora warily return to the house discussing their time away. After discussing the nature of love with the officer, Hayden disappears from his car. Ben packs and sadly leaves the house.

I'm confused about something. If Hayden is dead, why does the security officer see her? Maybe the entire neighborhood block is supernatural heavy? Nevertheless, the story involving Tate seems to be holding my interest alot. It was nice to see his school shooting victims begin to exact their pound of flesh. It will be interesting to see where this leads in the coming weeks.

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John Baxter said...

I've yet to check it out, I think the Glee connect had put me off until now but I'm going to have to give it a watch. Thank you!