Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dollar Bin Film - Maneater of Hydra

A group of tourists travel to an island to see its exotic botanicals. There they meet Baron von Weser, a reclusive scientist studying rare horticulture and experimenting with crossbreeding dangerous varieties of plants. One of the Baron’s creations is draining the blood of human beings (through a small hole in their cheek) and the tourists are dying one by one.

If you're looking for a great B-horror film with pretty good special effects and believable acting...then look somewhere else! Maneater of Hydra is a low budget, grainy horror film with one of the strangest plots...a vampire tree (at least it doesn't sparkle!). Cameron Mitchell plays Baron von Weser, the wickedly boring and not-so-charming mad scientist who created the blood sucking weed. The Baron tries to pull off the whole charming angle, but I found him just to be so damn dull! And the rest of the cast wasn't very much better. You got the husband and wife duo who doesn't know how to stop arguing because the wife is a drunken horny bitch (actually I kinda found the wife to be amusing at times so I'll give her that), the other geeky scientist who acts more like a crazed Bieber fan at the site of all the "fascinating" plants, the good girl who's just too damn good for her own good, and the hero who another boring one for the fire. The worst of the bunch though was the mute servant who's identical brother (yeah...couldn't afford another actor huh?) gets killed by a "tropical illness" (really?). By the end of the film, I was rooting for the plant to kill off everyone of these monotone characters and suck all the ketchup outta each of em. Luckily though, I had the luck of watching the classic Elvira version of the film, so I could survive all the horror...If your looking for the next great classic, just skip this one and look elsewhere, but if you want to hear some funny wit about a terrible film, grab the Elvira DVD of Maneater of Hydra!

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Dr. Theda said...

I saw this movie as a child on TV Then it was titled "Island of Terror" ( not to be confused with the British film "Island of Horror" with Peter Cushing) I liked it then and have not seen it since... So my memories of this movie are as viewed through the eyes of a young child...
... the Doctor