Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Prizes Added To The Costume Contest!!!

That's right folks, on top of the already kick ass prize pool for our 2nd annual Halloween Costume Contest, the fine folks at Crazy Dog Tshirts have added a $15 gift card to the prize pool for this years winner!!! For those who haven't read about the contest yet, click HERE to read on how easy it is to enter! And for everyone else, Crazy Dog Tshirts is having a promotion for the month of October in honor of the best holiday of the year! Just use promo code SCAREME5 at checkout when ever you order one of their awesome shirts and save $5! And just as a little update, here's my finished reverse bear trap to help you get in the mood to post your pics and win cool shit!


JH said...

Sweeeeet mask!!
I will have to post my hot dog suit pic... ahahha

Rhonny Reaper said...

lmao thanks! took me long enough to finish! LOL And yes, you MUST post it!!!