Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DBH Re-Visits:Friday the 13th, Part 2(1981)

By Eric Polk-
In actuality, I really didn't plan on re watching any of the Friday the 13th movies following that vile 2009 POS(Piece o' Shit) remake. I was just so sour on that spawn of Hollywood Hell that I took my anger out on the other ten movies as well, vowing never to see these ever again.(I consider Freddy Vs. Jason a crossover so it was safe) But then, I met and fell in love with the woman who I will marry in 59 days as of this write-up. Curiously, she isn't a horror fan. but was willing to see what my passion for this genre was all about. So, after cutting her teeth on Freddy and Jigsaw, it was time to enter the realm of Jason Voorhees which bring us to a revisit of this movie.

Rather than rehash the story(we all know Jason takes over for his now-deceased mother and a fresh pack of teenagers await his tender mercy), I'm going to tell you what I found the bazillionth time watching this. If you pay attention, you'll notice Amy Steel's character feeling sympathy towards Jason, putting her child psychology studies to good use.

It really drives home the point as to why Jason is hackin' and slashing. Given his physical disadvantages along with his forced isolation, it's no wonder he reacts the way he does. I'm not condoning what he does, but rather, I understand why, giving him, imo, a smidgen more depth. Something in the later films that is lacking.

If you have never seen Part 2, honestly, you won't miss much other than Sackhead Jason, and what I consider to be a controversial kill(but it does take a bit of courage, even 1981, to do that). If nothing else, just watch it for canon's sake.

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