Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Zombies vs. Nazis

While the Nazis initially dream of creating an army of bloodthirsty, automaton super-zombies to march across Europe, they soon learn that the walking dead are not as obedient and malleable as they’ve been led to believe. In contrast, these Nazi agents quickly find that the walking dead of the Haitian backwoods are closer to brain-eating, flesh-rending dynamos that don’t respect a nicely pressed SS uniform, and instead just go for the jugular. Faced with Voodoo spells, dangerous flora and fauna, and their own naive assumptions about the dark forces with which they’re tangling, these Nazi SD agents learn the hard way that nobody bosses around a zombie.

Scott Kenemore, known for his humorous "self-help" zombie books Z.E.O. and Zen of Zombie, goes in a new yet still funny direction with his newest book, Zombies vs. Nazis. The book doesn't read like his previous ones, nor is it a novel. The book is compiled of fictional letters sent back and forth between three Nazi operatives. In the letters, we learn that these three are sent to Haiti to try and uncover the secrets of old Haitian Voodoo practices to make an army of undead Nazis! Scott does an amazing job giving each officer their own identity and voice and making you feel as if these could be real letters. He also does a great job mixing fact and fiction into an entertaining story. It's obvious he did some research on WWII and the Nazis before writing this. The illustrations by Adam Wallenta pull the reader into the book while the brisk pace allows for an easy read. My favorite part of the book is the preface, where Scott sums up the idea of Nazis thinking they could make a Zombie army in on brilliant word..."Dumbasses". If you love zombies, wit, humor, and even a slight history lesson, this is a MUST HAVE book! Get your copy HERE!

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