Friday, July 15, 2011

Dollar Bin Review:From Eric's Vault-Saw V(2008)

By Eric Polk-
[And I thought Friday the 13th:Part V was bad.....]

                                                     [Reprinted from Eric's My S[p

[Reprinted from Eric's MySpace page, June 24th,2009]

I twittered that Saw was endangered of becoming the A Nightmare on Elm Street of this decade. By that, I mean a good idea that progressively gets worse. Well, sadly, I was right with Saw V. We begin with the opening death scene, a rather near-blatant attempt to reproduce a scene from The Pit and The Pendulum. This a book and movie starring Vincent Price kids.

Well I found that scene somewhat enjoyable, the majority of the movie(sans one great game) was ka-put! Jigsaw(surprise) survives, all the while an FBI detective replicates his work, with his help.

I did like Jigsaw's explanation on how he makes the games and how he forces people to choose, other than that, this movie was a major disappointment.

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