Monday, July 18, 2011

Dollar Bin Article:Eric's Favorite Horror Movie Posters and Box Covers

By Eric Polk-
Sometime ago, I wrote an article in regards to some of my favorite horror-themed album covers. Today, I'm applying the concept to horror movie posters and VCR box covers. As I've said on here and on the radio side, I was blessed to have spent my childhood in the 80's which means I was able to see eye-popping VCR box covers, see good big-budget films, and, of course....well keep reading.

5)Alien Prey-This is what I'm talking about! A bloody good(appropriate phrase since it is an English film)box cover. The movie a brilliant masterpiece.

4)Blood Feast-The Citizen Kane of gore movies!

3)The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-When you see this, you know you're not going to be seeing a Harry Potter or Disney film!

2)Zombie-Ok, I tried to relegate Italian horror to just one slot. If you don't want to watch this movie for the poster alone, then you got major problems!

1)The Burning-If you wanted to know what the early-80s slasher craze was about, need look no further than this classic poster from this classic film. The two main elements are here!

There you have it. I know I left out a ton of great poster and box cover artwork but I'll do another post down the road!

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