Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrate July 4th with a FREE Brain Eater's Bible IPad App!!!

If you're like me and love Pat Kilbane's new book, The Brain Eater's Bible, then you're gonna love about kicking off your July 4th celebration by downloading a FREE Lite version of the Brain Eater's Bible IPad App!!!

The undead will be high-fiving at their brain barbecues this weekend knowing that a Lite version of their favorite iPad app will be available to the shambling hordes for free.  In early July, Brain Eater’s Bible Lite will be unveiled in the iTunes App Store, giving zombie insurgents wider access to the multi-media field manual that has been so critical to their revolution.  In addition, the full version of the app will be reduced in price to $4.99 until July 10th.

“Freedom for zombies isn’t free,” says J.D. McGhoul, the app’s undead author, “but this free edition does democratize important information.”  He goes on to explain that, Brain Eater’s Bible Lite will at least guide the infected through the early stages of reanimation and help them understand why they crave human brains.”

McGhoul still stresses the educational power of the full-length app, which has garnered rave reviews in the horror blogosphere.  “Brain Eater’s Bible for the iPad is the ultimate zombie resource,” he says, “Getting by in the apocalypse is one thing, but if you want to be a bona fide manhunter and win this war, you have to be committed.”   And for McGhoul, commitment means immersing yourself in the hundreds of interactive photos, videos, diagrams and anatomical drawings that the full version offers – the zombie lessons contained in the app are many and deep.

News of the free Lite version of The Brain Eater’s Bible represents an important milestone in the zombie struggle for independence.  For the uninfected, however, it is a sober reminder that Americans still have an apocalyptic fight ahead of them for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Get your FREE Lite version HERE, the Full version HERE, and if you'd like an old fashioned hard copy, you can get yours at

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