Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nightwatch (1997) - Dollar Bin Review

Who doesn't love serial killers? Who doesn't love some good old fashion necrophilia? Just joking! Just joking! Ewan McGregor stars in this remake of the hit film Nattevagten as a college student who takes a job as a security guard working the graveyard shift. He becomes the prime focus in a police investigation involving a necrophiliac serial killer who murders hookers. 

Nightwatch is one of those rare times where the remake is better then the original. While parts of the film are scene for scene, Nightwatch has a much better cast at its disposal including Patricia Arquette, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte. Everybody here is simply terrific. However, the element that stands out most about Nightwatch is that it is one damn scary film! Stylish direction captures the creepiness of darkened hallways, the inherent spookiness of walking down a dark hallway and the idea that something could be lurking in the dark. A prolonged sequence which has McGregor making his rounds stands out as one of the most nail biting, one of the most edge of your seat moments of any horror film of the 90's. For a film that has such a sorcerer's grip on how to construct set pieces that are truly terrifying, it is such a shame that the film gets bogged down in a lousy final act in which the identity of the killer is revealed too early on and thus the film's overall power to thrill and scare is diminished during this portion of the film. The first two thirds of Nightwatch are incredibly strong with the last third feeling like a tacked on afterthought. It's all the more disappointing, because this was a weakness in the original film, so they had the chance to gets things right this time around. Instead, they copy the ending of the original. If you really want to be scared, give Nightwatch a chance, just be prepared to have to deal with a disappointing finale after getting so involved with the film.

By: Brandon Sites http://bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/

Nightwatch is available for $1.95 (used) on Amazon.

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