Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the next episode of DBHR...

It's all about the horror movie mamas this week on DBHR. We love our mothers so much, we'd kill for them, we'd kill for Mrs. Bates, Pamela Voorhees, and everyone else in between. Also, Rhonda, Brandon, and Eric discuss the impact Dylan Dog made this week at the box office. Of course, your input is welcome by calling 1-877-552-4073. Tune at 8 p.m. EST tomorrow by clicking our almost world-famous DBHR logo on the right.

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Max said...

Hello, fellow LAMB. Just wanted to let you know that The LAMMYs are coming up and we are hoping for the best voter turnout for the nominations ever. Every LAMB #1-900 is eligible to vote (and to win!), and that includes you. To participate, please go to this site: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/521956