Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exciting news from Red Moon Features!

Red Moon Features is an amazing company that I've had the pleasure of bringing to you before. Their mission statement is simple yet perfect, to "bring the very best in original horror, science-fiction, adventure and true crime titles to our readers and to offer our artists a professional forum in which to showcase their considerable talents." Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you some great news from the mouths of Thomas A. Tuna and James Di Angelo, the masterminds behind Red Moon Features:

     "OK. Time and tide--and now Red Moon Features--wait for no one. Even as we prepare our bookshelves and libraries for the premiere issue of Dead Planet Stories to roll off the press, publisher James Di Angelo is deep in negotiations to produce a groundbreaking line of  DVDs and e-books that will carry our cast of characters where no comic book group has ever gone before (I hope that wasn't too much over the top!).
     Branching out from what will be our flagship print comic books, Red Moon will feature five DVDs in the coming months, giving our readers a unique insight into our tales of horror and suspense. These DVDs will include a special Nickel Heroes edition spotlighting one particular member of our burgeoning bullpen, one DVD with the stories from Dead Planet Stories No. 1, a DVD showcasing a special roster of short shocking scenarios, a DVD outlining the macabre events of the planet known as Mars30 and another introducing readers to a stable of continuing characters to adopt as their own.
     Please, don't miss out on these limited-edition DVDs! Each with a knockout price tag of JUST $5! Be sure to drop whatever you're doing and pre-order these instant collectors' items by contacting this website OR our production offices as OR our editorial offices at!!!
     And for all those 21st-century comic book fans among you (and we know who you are!), we're also planning a line of scintillating stories in e-book form! Easy to read, easy to carry and practically indestructible! These e-books will bring the art of comic book collecting to a whole new level! And you can only get them from Red Moon Features! Order NOW!! Don't be the last on your block to revel in the wonder that is Red Moon Features and Nickel Heroes! This is the original, people! Hard to beat and even harder to forget!"

For those of you who are already fans of Red Moon, you'll know just how excited I am about this news! And if you haven't heard of them before, I'd like to show just how talented this company and the people behind it are by sharing with you a few pages from their new comic, Bogart Live Upstairs, written by both Thomas and James with art from the amazing John Airo!

If you like these, you can learn more about this and all the fantastic works of Red Moon Features HERE!

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