Friday, May 6, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:From Eric's Vault-Jennifer's Body(2009)

I offer no excuses. I was bored on vacation one day and thought, "Why not?" I had no pressing need to see this, had no expectations, and I went home satisfied that this movie met my very low expectations.

                                       [Reprinted from Eric's MySpace page,Sept.23rd, 2009]
She's Evil...and not just high school evil. Not only is this a great description of my ex-wife but also the tagline to this latest teen horror flick, Jennifer's Body. The plot basically involves a girl possessed by demon thanks to a wannabe rock group and she has to feed to retain her beauty. That's it.

I had low expectations when I went to see this film and I was pretty satisfied with that assessment. There is some funny dialogue and very graphic kill scenes but this really is yet another in a series of unimaginative horror films from the Hollywood machine. Jennifer's BFF is probably the best character in this movie and for about 2 mins I felt rather warm inside during one scene.

This is one where you can take it or leave it. Wait for dvd..


Richard of DM said...

I too went into this one with zilch expectations and was very pleasantly surprised. In fact, I kind of slapped myself for not catching Jennifer's Body in theaters. I can't wait to watch this one again.

Faycin A Croud said...

I actually really like this movie! It was great fun. The guy at the Blockbuster described it as "a good popcorn movie." I'd have to agree.