Monday, May 16, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:Eric's Horror Manifesto

By Eric Polk-
Today I've decided to forgo my usual review to post my unwavering beliefs in the culture of horror. These have developed over the years of watching horror, reading horror, immersing myself in all aspects of this lovable genre. Again, these are my opinions which I'm sure are different from yours.

1:Wes Craven should not be allowed to direct another horror movie...EVER!!!!
2:The phrase Shot-on-Video is a BAD thing!!!
3:Pittsburgh is the greatest place to shoot a horror film...Don't believe me....rewatch the original Night of the Living Dead and the original Dawn of the Dead.
4:Franchised horror character movies should stop at III...IV at most.
5:Italians do it better...horror-wise!
6:Dario Argento should stop before he hurts himself.
7:Peter Straub could be just as popular as Stephen King if he lets himself be marketed right.
8:The top movie on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments list shouldn't be there.
9:Psychological is better.
10:The 80's slasher genre is the equivalent of a Disney film.

There you have it Reaplings....take it for what it's worth...which isn't much.


Big Daddy aka Brandon Sites said...

With Italian horror it's so easy to say that, because you are only seeing select movies from that market that have been picked for distribution here in the US. I am sure if you saw every horror film made in Italy your opinion might change. As it is now, you are only seeing a sampling of titles so your overall perception is, of course, going to be skewed.

Eric Polk said...

Oh I've seen some clinkers as well such as Macabre...yikes...and some of Argento's later work is suspect but overall I find giallos and most Italian fare quite good.

Big Daddy aka Brandon Sites said...

What I am trying to get at, is you are not getting the full picture. NOT every single Italian film comes out here in the US. Only a select few come out in the US.