Monday, May 9, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Homemade Monster

Faced with an unspeakable act at her own hands, she attempt to rectify the situation and since she is frustrated with men, our heroine decides to make her own. This story is about her struggle to gather the necessary parts, put together and animate the man of her dreams. Music by The Jim Rowdy Show, who’s psychobilly rock and roll parallels our character’s inner turmoil but hopefulness.

For all of the reaplings who know me personally, you know I love when I got an email from the fine folks at Scumbag Films about a low budget rockabilly horror musical, I just had to take a peak...and I'm glad I did! This low budget (and I mean $400 low!) indie horror film is full of killer songs sang by our leading lady Leia, who wants to make the perfect man using parts from various victims (including the perfect sized dong). The tunes are catchy and the film has a lot of very sexy moments (strip tease anyone?). I liked that it didn't take itself too seriously and the whole thing was just fun to watch. The only complaint I had was that because it was so low budget, some of the effects suffered (but how can you complain when the music was just so damn good!?!). The lighting was also a bit dark at times, but again that's a problem that goes along with a lot of low budget indie films. Even with these few little problems, I must say the film is overall very well done when you think that Scumbag Films is pretty much a husband and wife duo and...well that's it! The DVD is $10.99, but you can download it for, get this, $1!!! I suggested you do! Get your copy HERE!

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