Monday, May 30, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Beyond The Dark

Jeff Blaine has witnessed the annihilation of his family and everything that mattered to him. When he steps outside his home for the first time since the world died, he meets Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors who force him to accept that there may still be a reason to fight and live to see another day. It doesn’t take long for the quartet to stumble into a trap set by a group led by the charismatic Michael. While he promises a safe haven from the undead behind the walls of his makeshift fortress, the loyalty he and his cronies demand may be too high a price for Jeff and the others to pay. Daylight is fading for humanity … When a routine supply run to a nearby town turns deadly and the ghouls walking the street track the living back to their hideout, the mettle of the meager band of survivors will be tested as they are forced to face the onslaught of the undead. Even as they flee, and their world falls deeper into despair, Jeff and the others must find a way to defeat not only the undead, but the hatred that threatens to cripple their souls. Because the only way anyone will survive is if they can find their way beyond the dark.

The third book in the "Dark: trilogy starts if with a brief recap of  what has happened up until the events of this book, which isn't too long for those who have read the first two but detailed enough for the new reader to catch up with the plot. In most series books (or movies for that matter), the last book doesn't compare to the first...Patrick has found a way to make it just as good, if not more exciting. Once the recap is finished, action immediately commences and doesn't let up from the beginning to the epilogue (I know some readers might skip this part in some books, but this epilogue is a definite must read). Tension between the group of survivors adds a different depth to the story. Not only does our band have to face the undead attacking them at every turn with bloody and violent brilliance, but they must overcome the anger between each other in order to survive. The book is written with a voice that makes you want to keep reading, and with so much action going on with so few breaks, it's hard to find a point in which you want to put it down! The one this I will say is that in the first chapter, there is a twist in the timeline that might be a little confusing to some readers at first, but after finishing the book I found it to be a strength in the story more than a hamper. All in all, this as well as the first two books create an amazing trilogy that will satisfy the hunger for a great zombie story that horror fans have. Pick up your copy HERE.


Andrew Green said...

Considering that I've actually been doing more reading lately than movie watching, maybe I'll check this series out....

Robin Eduardo said...

It's a good series, and I reccomend them to anyone who is a fan of the zombie/horror genre!