Friday, April 29, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:From Eric's Vault-Maniac(1980)

Hey Reapling Nation. Eric here. Due to my work schedule and other factors, my time is kind of limited when it comes to watching horror movies. With Rhonda finishing her semester and Brandon working on the sequel to his 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge, it falls to me produce daily post(not a bad thing at all). And since I don't have time to watch alot of movies, I thought it would be pretty cool to go back through my archieves from the days when I posted reviews on my old MySpace account(remember MySpace?). I apologize in advance for the crudity of these reviews. Didn't know what I was doing. Enjoy!

                                       [Reprinted from Eric's MySpace page, Dec.24th 2009]

Released in 1980, Maniac is an atypical movie in the slasher genre. Set in New York, we meet a psychotic gentleman(Joe Spinelli) who has a matronly obession with scalping women. We are treated to his cycles of mental breakdown as he kills nubile young women for his mannequin heads. Along the way, he meets a gorgeous photographer(Slaughter High's Caroline Munro) who accidently took his picture. She invites him to a shoot where he meets another victim who he thinks is his mother. The movie ends with a weird dream sequence which sadly brings this movie down a little bit.

The major problem with this movie to me is not gore or violence, it's the slapdash way things end between protagonist and antagonist. Other than that, watch for the famous Disco Boy Scene(played by makeup extraordinare Tom Savini)

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