Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The 30 day horror challenge strikes back!

I'm glad so many people enjoyed the 30 day horror challenge where we talked about some of our favorite horror films. But.....did you honestly think there wasn't going to be a sequel?!? It's all about the sequel these days. Every horror film needs a sequel baby and we got one for you! This time around we delve into the horror film character. Hopefully we're more of a Scream 2 vs being a Scream 4 or a Jaws 2 vs Jaws: The Revenge! So get ready. Get set! And let's get down with the 30 day horror challenge strikes back!

The rules are exactly the same as before. Once you pick a film (or the film the character appears in), you can't pick that film again. Now, you can pick films that you did from the original 30 day horror challenge, but you just can't pick the same film twice during the course of this sequel. Please pick films that are relevant to the topic or capture the essence of the topic. Please don't try to bend it all around and out of shape to make something fit. Other then that, ENJOY!

Here is the topics:

Day 1: Other then the blood and guts, film you wish you could go live your life in for one day
Day 2: Character you had a crush on as a kid
Day 3: Character you would kill yourself (can't be an antagonist)
Day 4: Favorite final girl
Day 5: Character who you know is secretly gay (can't pick A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 -- too obvious and easy)
Day 6: Character you would want to fuck
Day 7: Favorite villain (human)
Day 8: Character you would want as your BFF
Day 9: Most offensive character
Day 10: Character you wish you could slap some sense into
Day 11: Vamp you would let bite you
Day 12: Favorite villain (non-human)
Day 13: Character you would want to swap cloths with
Day 14: Favorite zombie
Day 14: Killer you could easily kill yourself
Day 16: Character you would leave to die
Day 17: Character you would want to talk horror movies with
Day 18: Character you wish you could save from death
Day 19: Character you were surprised was the killer
Day 20: Character with the best scream
Day 21: Character you would need a translator to speak to
Day 22: Villain with the worst motive
Day 23: Biggest WTF moment a character placed themselves into
Day 24: Character that scared you most
Day 25: Character you wish you could be
Day 26: Character that makes you laugh
Day 27: Character you most enjoyed seeing get killed
Day 28: Character you most enjoyed seeing get naked
Day 29: Least favorite character
Day 30: Favorite horror character, period!

This time around, I am guilty of some shameless self promotion. This time around the challenge will be taking place entirely at my own site so that I can hand back Dollar Bin Horror to Rhonny and Eric and go back to simply contributing posts here instead of taking up the entire spotlight. So make sure to tune into Big Daddy Horror Reviews for more on this exciting sequel!

Day 1: Horror film in which I wish I could go live my life in for 1 day without the blood and guts? This was a tough one as it came down to two horror films set in a shopping mall, but my desire to use the other film I had in mind in another catagory resulted in this title winning out. So I give you Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. Who wouldn't want to meet the big three - Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michele Bauer? Plus the film was decked to the wall with a wide variety of horror film stars like Andras Jones, Hal Havins, Robin Stille, George 'Buck' Flower, etc. So I would get to drink some beer, watch girls get spanked, whipped creamed and showered, and go tripping about in a big old mall with a bunch of horror film stars I grew up loving. Sign me up!

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