Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - They Rode Personal Transportation Vehicles

Mad zealots, motorcycles, spicy Latin lovers, and zombie mall cops Hell-bent and cruising on personal transportation vehicles. On top of all that Sam is stuck in a dress made from a dressing room curtain. He’s had better days…

12,000 words have never been more exciting, funny, and action packed! The story starts with an opening scene that will be burned into your brain forever...Sam, our leading man, running around with a gun during the zombie apocalypse...but naked. The small details in the words, such as "his naked manhood swaying with the effort", make it that much more interesting, and hysterical, to read. As the story continues, we meet Manual, who's way of saving the dead's souls is to pose them in a pleasing way to God (kinda like the dead folks in Dead Silence were posed as a happy family portrait...creepy). And to top off all the fun characters, you have Zombies who guessed it...Personal Transportation Vehicles! The last thing I want to run into a Zombie who can drive me off the road, then eat my brains! The story itself gets more in depth and by the end of it, you wish there was more to read! I would love to see this fleshed out into a full length novel and I hope you all give it a shot. Get your copy HERE for only .99!

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