Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - The Dream World of H. P. Lovecraft: His Life, His Demons, His Universe

Occult scholar Donald Tyson plumbs the depths of H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic visions and horrific dream world to examine, warts and all, the strange life of the man who created the Necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos.
Lovecraft expressed disdain for magic and religion, and most of his biographers have dismissed the mystical side of his nature. This book redresses this imbalance. Here you will find the roots of Lovecraft’s extraordinary cosmic vision laid bare. The dream-world sources for his mythic Old Ones are examined, along with the practical esoteric implications of Lovecraft’s unique mythology. A man in fundamental conflict with himself, Lovecraft lived always on the brink of madness or suicide. Tyson reveals Lovecraft for what he truly was—a dreamer, an astral traveler, and the prophet of a New Age.

Donald Tyson is an author with a unique perspective on the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft's works. Many of his other books revolves turning Lovecraft's mythos into some type of magical system. Now, seeing as I myself am a Wiccan, this really interested me. I have read many works of Lovecraft, as we all have I'm sure, but I never saw or felt anything overtly "magical" about them. In this book, Tyson focuses on having an accurate biography of Lovecraft while interjecting his own personal and magical beliefs about certain aspects of his life and work. Now as the books states, Lovecraft had absolutley no interest in the occult or religion, but I still found Tyson's views to be interesting and, sometimes, a bit eerie. I also found it at times to be a bit absurd. As Tyson points out, Lovecraft didn't believe in the occult, so to have a book with an underlying message that he was struggling with occult messages in his dreams and live just didn't seem like a believable or viable viewpoint, but it was still an interesting read. The one thing I can say about this book is that if you overlook all the underlying occult tones, the biographical information in this book is very good and accurate. If your looking for a fresh point of view on the Lovecraft mythos, albeit a slight bit absurd in an interesting way, or just love reading about the man himself, then I would recommend this book to you. Grab your copy by clicking HERE.

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